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A Coding Temple Student Success Story

With more companies looking for professionals to build advanced tech products, having software engineering skills can be a definite plus to boosting your career. Software engineers are in high demand, and the trend is not slowing down.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that hiring for software engineers, QA analysts, and testers is to grow by 22 percent over the next decade, a significantly higher figure of development when compared with that of other occupations.

The increasing demand for skilled software engineers is due to several reasons, including the constant need for innovative software, the limited lifespan of code, and the continued growth of technology. As apps and websites increasingly permeate everyday lives, there is a need for software engineers to create, develop, and constantly update them. 

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For many looking to start a tech career, a software engineer’s job is attractive, thanks to its potential to be both financially and professionally fulfilling. The average annual salary of a software engineer in the United States is $110,140. The figure is much higher than the median annual salary of full-time wage and salary workers, which sits at $48,048. So, it is no surprise that many people want to transition their careers towards tech, specifically software engineering.

Tech bootcamp Coding Temple offers a full-time comprehensive course that can help students transform into skilled software engineers in just 10 weeks. Many Coding Temple graduates now have successful careers as software engineers.

Coding Temple

The Coding Temple Experience

Coding Temple’s 10-week Full-Stack Web Development course gives students the foundational skills to become software engineers. The course provides hands-on experiences by requiring students to build working applications. Students learn front-end development, back-end development, data science, and environments. By the end of the program, graduates can design, build, analyze, and deploy working web apps and data analytics.

The bootcamp also offers a 12-week part-time Software Engineering course for those unable to commit to a full-time schedule. This program teaches front-end development technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Python. Lessons cover database tools, such as SQLite and Firebase, and programming environments, like Github and Git.

For those who prefer to study at their own pace, Coding Temple offers a self-placed flex course. Students choose between three months or six months of access and must complete all requirements before their access expires. This program also covers the same topics as the other tracks, including front-end and back-end development, databases, and environments.

Whichever pace you choose, you’re sure to receive the same quality coding education that Coding Temple provides. You’ll gain the technical skills and coding know-how you need to start your career as a software engineer. At the end of your time with Coding Temple, you’ll also have a capstone project under your belt to showcase to potential employers. All these prepare Coding Temple graduates for successful tech careers.

Student Review: Is Coding Temple Worth It?

An infographic highlighting tips from a Coding Temple graduate

Eric Jiang graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree. Although he had some tech background, he did not have extensive experience in programming. He worked on occasional projects involving programming, which sparked a deep interest in this field. After doing his research on coding bootcamps online, he was attracted by the money-back guarantee of Coding Temple and enrolled in its full-stack development course.

Today, Eric works as a program manager focused on web development and software engineering at VenueTix, a company that provides ticketing solutions for organizations and events.

Coding Temple’s Supportive Community

Though Eric struggled, he is grateful for his time at Coding Temple. He said he received a lot of high-quality support from the school and its instructors.

“It was a lot, but in a good way. There was a ton of guidance which was super appreciated. All the instructors and TAs were very helpful and made the problems I had understandable to the point where I understood what was going on and can figure it out myself in the future,” Eric shared.

He cites the people he met as the highlight of his Coding Temple experience. He also said that he uses the knowledge and skills he gained at Coding Temple at his job every day. 

“Everyone’s supportive of one another and often wouldn’t mind lending a hand. I learned professional programming skills either with big tech stacks like React or how to debug something when a code isn’t working,” he also said.

Coding Temple takes pride in choosing the best instructors for its courses, and Eric agrees, adding that the instructors were the best part of his Coding Temple experience. 

Extensive Career Support

People working in tech know how challenging it can be to navigate the industry as an entry-level professional. Many bootcamp graduates apply to numerous positions before landing a job they want. It was no different for Eric, who began his tech career by applying for over 800 jobs after completing his Coding Temple course. Fortunately, Coding Temple’s career support was able to guide him throughout the process.

“What really helped me stand out was the placement program that instructed me to write out my stories. My wake-up call was when I interviewed for Amazon, which really taught me that I have to brush up on my data structures and algorithms portion. [Coding Temple’s] placement program definitely played a big role in my job placement journey,” Eric shared.

Thanks to Coding Temple’s extensive career support, Eric made it through the job search and is now working as a program manager. “Coding Temple definitely prepared me for the job in terms of learning popular tech stacks and how to work as a software engineer in a more professional setting,” he said.

Eric is just one of the hundreds of Coding Temple graduates who have successfully landed a new job in tech. They have taken on various roles from data engineer to senior financial analyst to software engineer. Whatever role they have, they are fully prepared for its challenges, thanks to their Coding Temple experience. 

More than just teaching students a fixed set of hard skills they need to start a tech career, Coding Temple teaches its students to ask questions and be prepared to think through problems they haven’t encountered before. The bootcamp prepares its students for the future through a real-world curriculum that gives them a strong foundation that allows them to grow and learn as their career grows.

Write Your Own Coding Temple Success Story

You can also have your own tech success story with Coding Temple. The bootcamp has several highlights that set its students up for success — a real-world curriculum, individualized attention, and a conducive learning environment. It also features extensive career support, highly-experienced instructors, and an active employer network. Put all these together and you have a coding bootcamp that can help you bring your tech career to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about the bootcamp and how its full-stack web development course can help start your career, get in touch with Coding Temple’s Admissions Team today.

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