Upskill in Tech with Coding Temple’s Full-Stack Development Course

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is expected to grow by 13 percent over the next decade. This increase is notably faster than the average growth rate across all occupations. The Information Technology (IT) industry is also expected to add about 667,000 IT-related jobs into the market from now until 2030.

Popular occupations in this field include software and web developers as well as computer programmers. As the demand for skilled tech workers continues to increase, so is the need for high-quality computer science training. It’s no surprise that many people see coding bootcamps as an effective and efficient path toward a successful career in this lucrative and in-demand field.

Coding Temple offers a comprehensive, full-stack development course that can help you jumpstart your tech career in as little as 10 weeks. It includes a hands-on curriculum that emphasizes the value of programming and teaches students how to deal with various technologies. This course can also be used to supplement and complement a regular computer science degree.

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Coding Temple

Infographic showing how Coding Temple can help students become job-ready after the bootcamp.

Why Upskill in Tech with Coding Temple?

There is a common misconception among those who want to start a tech career: they can only select either a four-year computer science degree or a coding bootcamp. 

While many people prefer one over the other, upskilling at a bootcamp like Coding Temple can be a valuable addition to a regular computer science degree. If a person has the time and resources for both, there is no need to choose only one. Approximately 25 percent of Coding Temple students have already attended college or university before enrolling in the bootcamp.

Graduates who already hold a computer science degree also join Coding Temple because of the significant hands-on experience the bootcamp provides its students. These degree holders feel that their computer science degree did not adequately equip them with the practical and technical skills required for the first day of their tech career. Coding Temple successfully fills this gap. 

The bootcamp provides students with real-world projects that prepare them for numerous challenges they may encounter at the workplace. This practical experience is one of the main reasons learners choose to attend Coding Temple instead of a computer science course. Coding Temple teaches theoretical concepts behind different processes, and it also focuses on the practical application of knowledge.

Students who attend Coding Temple will have a more robust technical background and a better understanding of using their theoretical computer science skills in real-world situations.

Infographic highlighting essential tools and concepts covered in Coding Temple’s Software Engineering program.

A Breakdown of Coding Temple’s Software Engineering Course Curriculum

Coding Temple offers a Full Time Bootcamp that turns students into software engineers in 10 weeks. The course provides students with a personalized, hands-on experience of building applications using the latest technologies. There are no prerequisites to attend the course, and it is suitable for those with degrees and people without any tech background.

The program costs $13,995. Scholarships and various payment options are also available, including monthly payment schemes and installment plans.

Classes are held on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Lessons include a morning whiteboard question, lectures or a code along, and an in-class coding assignment from Mondays to Thursdays. Every Friday starts with a morning quiz and is spent working on projects.

The software engineering course gives learners a comprehensive foundation on the practical tools and technologies used to build functional web applications. The course covers the following technologies: front-end, back-end, data, data science, and environments. Each of these technologies covers specific topics, which are discussed throughout the program. 


The program begins with pre-work. When a student is accepted into the Full Time Bootcamp, they must do pre-work before starting the main part of the course. Pre-work consists of introducing Python and HTML/CSS via several videos and practice problems. Completing this part of the program helps students fully prepare for the first day of class. 

Front-End Development

Students learn a mix of front-end development techniques and the features of various environments. Everything a user sees first when operating a website or application is referred to as front-end development. The course covers topics such as HTML, CSS, React, Bootstrap, Angular and the students also learn about the principles of Git.

Back-End Development

The program also covers back-end development or what happens “behind the scenes.” Students also explore Python and Flask, including fundamental to advanced Python using object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. 

Python is a well-known programming language used by top-tier IT companies, such as Apple, Netflix, and Google.  

Data and Databases

Students also learn database-related technologies such as SQLite, Entity Relationship Diagrams, advanced SQL, SQL databases, and PostgreSQL. Learners cover how to build JavaScript and React applications. They also familiarize themselves with the jQuery library, Web API functions, and the Chrome developer tools console.

Data Analytics

The program also delves deeper into data analytics, data engineering with Python, Pandas, Tableau, web scraping, data visualization, and best practices with data.

Advanced Concepts and Capstone Project

The last segment of the course focuses on advanced concepts, including cloud and hosting. Towards the end of the program, students complete capstone projects. Throughout the 10 weeks, students are expected to build over 15 projects. In the program’s final week, graduates also participate in mock interviews. 

Each student must also complete a capstone project at the end of their course. The capstone project is a working application that demonstrates all the student has learned throughout the course. During the job search, this is also presented to potential employers. 

Job Hunt and Career Guidance

After 10 weeks, students are equipped with the skills and experience needed to start a career as a software engineer. Coding Temple graduates are also qualified for other roles, such as front-end developer, JavaScript designer, application developer, Tableau, Python, and web developer.

Also, students work closely with Coding Temple career coaches to build their resumes and undergo mock interviews and behavioral and technical assessments. Graduates also have one-on-one mentoring sessions and receive guidance on creating compelling LinkedIn profiles. 

After the course proper, recruiters and employers are invited to meet students individually during a showcase week. This opportunity provides more clarity to graduates regarding the career they could be interested in and gives recruiters access to new talent. Students present their final projects to interested recruiters, and a chosen group is approached for follow-up interviews.

Graduates can and are encouraged to utilize Coding Temple’s active alumni network and influential employer contacts.

The full-stack development course at Coding Temple is designed for anyone who wants to advance their programming career, including those who wish to continue their educational experience.

Become a Software Engineer with Coding Temple

Popular tech positions, such as front-end and computer developers, are among the fastest-growing in the US. As the world becomes more reliant on technology in everyday life, the demand for talented tech employees increases.

Even for those who already hold a computer science degree, upskilling via a bootcamp can help fully prepare you for your dream tech job. Graduates of traditional four-year courses often feel that they lack practical experience, and this is where Coding Temple comes in. Students finish the course with more confidence because of the hands-on curriculum, which focuses on providing real-world projects. Hence, graduates feel better prepared for their job search journey.

Students who complete Coding Temple’s course will gain essential skills in full-stack web development and come one step closer to landing their ideal tech job. To learn more about the course, schedule a call with Coding Temple’s admissions team today.

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