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The Easiest Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

You’re a techie at heart. You’ve always had a knack for gadgets and technology in general, and now you’re ready to take the next step and start studying a programming language before taking on a coding bootcamp. That’s a smart thing to do and gives you a leg up in class, but what are the easiest programming languages to learn? Having a notion of the codes that a newbie can pick up without lots of prior software development knowledge helps you find an appropriate study topic and sets you on the road to a new and rewarding career.

We’re here to give you a hand and show you a few outstanding starting points for your studies. Coding isn’t hard to learn if you begin your studies with the right language, and our guide gives you a look at several top options. You get facts about CSS, Python, Java, and JavaScript, and we help you find out which development code is the right one to help you kick off your new profession the right way.


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Make your web pages look good for all visitors with CSS.

If you’ve spent any time around technology, you know how essential a web presence is to businesses. Web design and development makes up a large chunk of the work that programmers do regularly, and the folks who can do it well see nice salaries. There are a couple of languages that are easy to learn and give you an entry into the world of programming for the web. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are some of the leading candidates among those as a first language to study.

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HTML creates the basic structure and content in a website and works hand-in-hand with CSS. CSS gets most of its use as a means of defining how a webpage appears in browsers. Colors and animations get defined by CSS, and the language also determines which elements go where on the page as well as whether to mask other elements. CSS is one of the foundational languages that make up the web as a whole, and studying up on it is simpler than you might think.


A woman works on a laptop next to a Python textbook
Use Python for back end development.

Since you’re considering learning a programming language as a first foray into the development world, a one-size-fits-all language makes for an attractive prospect as your subject. Python fits the bill perfectly and is just the thing to help you learn how software development works and how each language dictates your approach. As an added bonus, Python is a breeze to learn compared to many other languages.

Python has been around for years, and it gets lots of use on web and desktop-based apps as well as some time on mobile platforms. It’s a fantastic tool for back end function implementation, data analysis, and much more. You can pick up one of the many excellent textbooks around to get started in your Python studies, or you can check out YouTube or one of the countless online resources for learning this code.


A person works on a laptop next to a Java textbook
Java is one of the most popular languages around.

Even people who don’t spend time around computer code tend to be familiar with the language Java, and that’s because you find it popping up all over the place. Java has its foot on the web and in games, mobile platforms, desktop apps, and pretty much anywhere else that runs computer programs.

Java is a general-purpose language like Python, and it provides developers with endless flexibility and power. It’s a fantastic first language for any wannabe coder out there and is sure to come in handy throughout your career. Consider combining your studies with a Java certification if you want to do a deep dive in this popular language, and try to write a small app on your own each day to keep your hand in.


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Give your apps more functionality with JavaScript.

Not to be confused with the previous entry, JavaScript is a client-side language that does its work through individual scripts. This object-oriented language is often the first and primary language that most bootcamp students learn. The code is perfect for building buttons and other dynamic elements on web pages, and you can go as complex as you wish. JavaScript works in tandem with other languages like CSS and HTML to provide an engaging and high-quality web experience, and it does yeoman work in some of your favorite games, too.

JavaScript isn’t just a front end wonder, either. It sees plenty of action working behind the scenes on all sorts of server-based apps. It’s flexible enough for just about any use you can imagine, and it’s not a chore to learn, either. As when you study Java, it’s important to try and do some programming in JavaScript every day so that you continue to improve and gain valuable experience.

So, there you go, programming whizzes. Self-studying a programming language is an excellent means of preparing for bootcamp or a career, but it’s crucial to choose the right code for your focus. Our guide gives you a look at some of the programming languages that are easiest to learn.

Do you have any questions or thoughts about the first coding languages to study? Let us know in the comments section below.

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