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How To Sell Technology To Businesses

So you’ve decided a career in tech is on the cards for you, but you’re not a coder and have no interest in spending the proverbial nights and weekends learning to code. You understand why others do it and are in fact inspired by their dedication and discipline, but you’re confident coding is not for you. You’d rather sell technology instead of creating it; here’s what to do to get started. 

1. Understand It

Take some time to understand how computer programming and engineering works, even if you don’t plan on writing a single line of code; we recommend learning the basics. Knowledge of the product you’re selling is one of the characteristics of a great salesperson. 

2. Make Sure Your Buyer Understands It

You also have to be very good at explaining your technology to potential buyers. Your ability to simplify the understanding of your tech to potential suitors will be the foundation your success is built on. That’s why point 1 is very important; continual education is key to staying ahead of the game, which is important when you sell technology.

3. Emphasize the Long Term Benefits

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Technology is best appreciated in retrospect. Because of the nature of technology, results are very rarely instant; explain this to your buyer as clearly as you can. Most people buy technology to simplify a process. It will take time to measure the success of the simplification. 

4. Pre-sell with Content and Case Study 

Even before you start your sales process, creating a site with content and case studies of the technology you sell will only make your sales job easier. Content can take different forms as long as it gives some value. You can start a podcast or write an informative blog post. You can even use a poster maker to create informative and visually appealing digital posters explaining the benefits of your software and how to use it. This way, you can make it clearer for your prospects why it is worth investing in your software. Creating content is a form of marketing that will bring you high-value leads and potential customers that are looking for your technology. You can even set up a system on your site to help with your accounts receivable management once you start attracting customers.


Selling technology is not going to be a walk in the park, but it is a great opportunity to get into tech without learning how to code. You will feel rewarded and your team will laud you when you reach your sales goals. To thrive in this role it’s important you keep educating yourself on the tools of the trade.

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