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How to Learn Vue: Tips, Courses, and Job Opportunities

Front end web development is one of the most crucial parts of the user interface. It introduces sites, groups, products, or services to Internet users. Web apps, sleek user interface, and single-page applications are the keys to launching a successful website.

Learning to code can help you create engaging web experiences. JavaScript in particular is great for developing more comprehensive and compelling web pages. Your JavaScript skills can get a big boost from frameworks like Vue.

What Is Vue?

Vue.js, created by Evan You in February 2014, is an open-source JavaScript framework. Its primary function is to create dynamic front end content for web pages.

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Aptly named, Vue concerns the “view” of a web page. Vue components allow users to build and launch different parts. This can be anything from large scale single-page applications to web apps to dynamic interface elements.

Vue can combine its core library with other front end technology and libraries. It also uses the virtual DOM, or VDOM, to sync the UI with its core library.

If you are already familiar with HTML attributes, you’ll immediately recognize the building blocks of Vue. It is based on predictable and reusable code, so Vue is easy to learn and use.

What Is Vue Used For?

Vue is used for many jobs in the tech industry, so it’s a great skill to have. Knowing how to use a JavaScript framework is significant if you want to enter a tech career. Below are some jobs that require or encourage Vue skills.

  • Vue.js Developer. Companies and web page developers are always on the lookout for talented designers. This is especially true of people who possess extra knowledge of JavaScript frameworks. Vue.js developers can create more dynamic web apps and user interfaces. To land a Vue developer job, you will need a firm grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Vue Router to build single-page applications.

  • Front End Developer. A bit more general than a Vue.js developer, a front end developer is an expert on the look and feel of a website. Whenever you log into Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you see the hard work of a front end development team. Intimate knowledge of Vue.js can help you execute essential front end development skills. 

  • App Designer. App designers are experts in knowing what works and what doesn’t. They dedicate their careers towards understanding, implementing, and improving phone and web apps. You can find their handiwork everywhere on your smartphone and computer. Since most web apps use multiple operating systems these days, companies need app designers to adapt web apps for various devices. 

  • Full Stack Developer. Full stack developers should learn Vue, too. Full stack developers are masters of both front end and back end development, so they know the best of both worlds. They can implement UX/UI elements, develop web apps, and write intricate code. Vue can help turn a complex back end into a stunning front end.

Learn Vue: Step-by-Step

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What are the best ways to master this JavaScript framework?

Now that you know a bit more about Vue, you can get the hang of it. While there is no concrete method to master this Javascript framework, you should still try to set a guideline. Below are some of the necessary steps to learn Vue.

1. Familiarize Yourself with JavaScript

Before installing Vue, you should have at least a basic grasp of JavaScript. Since Evan You developed Vue.js as a JavaScript framework, you need to know fundamental programming concepts.

JavaScript is one of the essential programming languages to learn in computing today, so it’s always useful to know. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS can also be helpful because Vue draws influence from these programming languages.

2. Install Vue and Get Comfortable 

The next step is to start feeling your way around Vue and its core library. Try looking up a basic tutorial. You’ll want to start with the classic “Hello World” message in the command line. For example, type in <div id=”app”> to get your start. After that, you have technically created your very first web app.

3. Enroll in a Vue Course or Coding Bootcamp

While you could learn Vue.js’ fundamentals on your own, taking a course can bring you further. Learning from the experts gives you heightened skills.

There are plenty of Vue course options from platforms like Udemy, and you can also try coding bootcamps. Coding bootcamps are specialized educational programs that teach you tech skills quickly and efficiently. There are coding bootcamps dedicated to programming languages, so this is perfect.

4. Consider an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships aren’t only for trades and other jobs. You can apply for software development apprenticeships to learn Vue.js and build your portfolio. These programs are similar to internships, but they have a few key differences.

Apprenticeships are perfect for fresh college graduates, and they’re more in-depth than internships. If you are hesitant about starting a full-time software career, use an apprenticeship to explore the industry.

5. Experiment and Explore

Experimenting is a common aspect of learning coding languages and libraries. Try creating your own web page, single-page applications, or other UI elements. Building using Vue.js is a surefire way to harness its many uses.

Experimenting and engaging in your own projects can also enhance your coding portfolio. This is a unique way to show hiring managers that you know how to program with Vue.js. A portfolio of projects, along with something like a programming certificate, can give you a valuable edge.

The Best Vue Courses

Online courses are a great place to start learning Vue. You can find a huge variety of courses, so you should research and find which is best for you. Self-paced Vue courses are great if you’re learning on your own time.

There are also tons of great free Vue courses out there. Let’s look at some of the best courses to learn Vue below.

The Vue.js Master Class

Why waste time with other courses when you can access all the knowledge you need from the developers themselves? This Vue master class uses raw experience to teach you Vue.

They divide the course into multiple parts, each tackling different Vue fundamentals. These range from modern Javascript frameworks to reactive programming with RxJS. This course is relatively short, clocking in at around seven hours.

Codecademy – Learn Vue.js

Codecademy is one of the better resources for web and software engineering. It ranks as one of the top spots to learn things like Vue. Students in this course can learn everything from child components usage to mastering the state manager.

If you are just starting out with programming languages, this is a great option to enhance your existing skills. One of the prerequisites for Codecademy’s Pro course is a basic knowledge of object-oriented programming. Knowing HTML and CSS can especially help you succeed. Codecademy even offers an introductory CSS course to help you prepare.

The Vue Mastery Courses

There is no definitive Vue.js course, but this group of options comes pretty close. The Vue mastery courses are a group of Vue courses differentiated by difficulty level. For example, there’s an hour-long beginner’s course, teaching you the essentials as well as lessons. Depending on how you feel, you can advance from there.

These classes are great because they are all relatively short and packed with great information. You can also start experimenting with Vue in the upper-level courses. Depending on how you learn, these may be your first and final resource for learning Vue.

Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router

This class is perfect if you have little free time. Instructor Stephen Grider teaches you everything you need to know in a fairly short course. He puts a strong emphasis on mastering the Vue router, navigating between web apps and design elements.

With over nine sections and ten and a half hours of content, students enter as beginners and leave as masters.

Vue.js & JavaScript Courses

Be sure to browse the Vue School’s extensive catalog of courses. These range from JavaScript frameworks basics to mastering web development. You could take courses like “Vue Router for Everyone” and “Modern JavaScript: ES6 and Beyond.”

In total, there are 26 courses, culminating in 373 lessons over 26 hours. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here.

Build Web Apps with Vue JS 3 & Firebase

Once again, Udemy hits the mark with this top-rated course. Vue’s main purpose is to build apps, and that’s what this course can help you do. With almost 30 hours of course time, users will learn how to harness the Vue Router and other Vue components to build their own web apps. This is a great, in-depth course that teaches you everything from the very beginning.

Vue – The Complete Guide (w/ Router, Vuex, Composition API)

Learning Vue 3 can be tricky. However, web developer Maximilian Schwarzmüller simplifies the concepts and so anyone can learn. Filled with great lectures, practice assignments, and quizzes, this course is one of the best-selling on Udemy.

The course equips rookie web developers with the tools they need to master Vue. Along with teaching the basic components, Schwarzmüller answers meaningful questions like “Why use Vue in the first place?”

Pluralsight Vue Learning Path

Pluralsight offers excellent ways to learn software and more. With this comprehensive learning path, students get a firm grasp of Vue.js capabilities. The course emphasizes the significance of building single-page applications, as well as how front end developers create their work.

The only prerequisites are to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This is just enough to understand the concepts presented in the course. You’ll become a pro in no time.

Is Learning Vue Right for You?

Boy in a grey sweater and brown pants lounging on a couch using his laptop
After you learn Vue.js, front end possibilities await you.

Learning Vue is a fantastic idea if you aim to enhance your web design experience. This JavaScript framework is perfect for coders and programmers who already have a grasp of front end development.

This open-source Java network can equip you with endless programming possibilities. Additionally, Vue’s forgiving learning curve should be attractive to anyone and everyone.

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to front end web development. Maybe you will create the next great web app with Vue.

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