Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Reviews and Complete Guide

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp is a flexible coding bootcamp that runs out of Columbia University. It offers a wide range of tech courses and prepares you for a rewarding career. With so many Columbia Engineering Bootcamp reviews online, you can see why this New York bootcamp is a great choice.

What Do You Need to Know about Columbia Engineering Bootcamp?

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp is one of the best bootcamps in New York. It offers full stack web development, UX/UI, data analysis, and cyber security courses. It also has FinTech, project management, and digital marketing programs. You can take a full-time program for 12 weeks or a part-time program for 18 to 24 weeks.

Columbia’s three primary programming languages are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can also learn Git, MySQL, Bootstrap, MongoDB, jQuery, Express.js, and Node.js. You can take everything on a part-time or full-time schedule, and the courses are all temporarily online.

Locations New York, Online
Tuition Full-time $13,995, Part-time $13,495
Financing Options Scholarship, Interest-free Payment, Early Registration Discount
Start Dates Varies by course
Program Types Online, Full-time, Part-time
Courses Coding, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Fintech, Digital Marketing, UX/UI, Project Management

Where Are Columbia Engineering Bootcamp’s Campuses Located?

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The Columbia Engineering Bootcamp is located in the Seeley W. Mudd Building at Columbia University. This is the only on-site location. You can take any course online, so you can learn from anywhere. Due to COVID-19, you cannot take courses in-person in 2021.

How Much Is Tuition at Columbia Engineering Bootcamp?

The full-time bootcamps cost $13,995 and the part-time cost $13,495. Note that the tuition cost is subject to change. Some of Columbia Engineering Bootcamp’s online prep courses are free. They become available when you register and they can give you an idea of what to expect from the more extensive courses.

How Can You Pay Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Tuition?

You can pay your Columbia Engineering Bootcamp tuition in a few different ways. Read below to decide which payment method works best for you.

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Scholarships

Students at Columbia Engineering Bootcamp can take advantage of the EQUIP scholarship. EQUIP is an acronym for Educational Quality Through Innovative Partnership. It is meant for students from low-income communities, and it can support you with a $500 scholarship. EQUIP is a federal pilot program but it is not connected to Columbia.

Loan Financing

Loan financing can come in different ways. In some cases, you can take out private loans to pay your tuition. Columbia does not have any financing partners, but you can seek help on your own. Companies like SkillsFund and Climb Credit will pay the tuition for you. You will only have to pay back with interest after you have secured a job.


Columbia Engineering Bootcamp allows you to pay tuition in installments. However, you do have to pay an initial deposit. The higher the deposit, the lower the monthly interest-free payments.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Columbia Engineering Bootcamp?

Yes, Columbia Engineering Bootcamp accepts the GI Bill. Veterans and some family members of veterans can cover part or all their tuition with this program.

What Courses Does Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Offer?

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp offers a few different course tracks. You can take a full-time or part-time course on any of these topics. These are career-driven, hands-on courses that can help you prepare for your tech career.

Coding – Online

This coding program at Columbia is one of the best in the country. By the end of the course, you’ll be an expert web developer. This course will teach you some in-demand coding skills. You’ll learn AIP interaction, JavaScript, and more. You’ll also learn server-side development and quality assurance.

Data Analytics – Online

If you are interested in data analytics, this program is for you. You’ll learn Python, JavaScript, and CSS. The curriculum also involves machine learning, fundamental statistics, and more. You can win an award if you excel in this program.

Cyber Security Bootcamp – Online

Cyber security experts are always in-demand to secure data and tech. This is a great option if you’re a career-oriented student. In this course, you will learn how to use tools like Nessus, Kali Linux, and Wireshark. You will also learn Network+, CompTIA Security+, Cloud+, and more.

Fintech Bootcamp – Online

The fintech industry is always evolving, so Columbia keeps its curriculum up-to-date. In this course, you’ll learn blockchain technology, financial libraries, and machine learning in finance.

Digital Marketing – Online

Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to increase brand visibility. You can easily get a digital marketing job when you graduate. This course covers everything you need to know, including optimization, automation, and marketing strategies.

UX/UI Bootcamp – Online

If you have an eye for design, try becoming a UX/UI designer. In this course, you will learn everything there is to know about advanced UX/UI, like web prototyping and UI development. You will also learn wireframing and research user-centric design.

Technology Project Management – Online

This course is perfect for natural leaders. This project management bootcamp course teaches you the fundamentals of software development. Once you understand how tech development works, you can branch out into project management.

How to Get Accepted Into Columbia Engineering Bootcamp

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp is an extension of an Ivy League university, but it’s much easier to get into. You need to be at least 18 years old, and you need to have a high school diploma or GED. You still have to go through an application process.

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Acceptance Rate

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp does not disclose its acceptance rate.

Columbia Engineering Application Process

You can complete the whole Columbia Engineering application process online. Read below to see every step you have to take to get in.

  1. Visit the official bootcamp website and fill in the application form. You’ll have to select your program.
  2. Wait for a representative of the admissions department to reach out to you.
  3. Complete an initial telephone interview. You might be asked about your previous experience and reasons for applying.
  4. Complete the final assessment, which includes technical skill tests.

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Interview Questions

The Columbia Engineering Bootcamp interview is short and not too difficult. The advisor will ask you a few questions about your tech background and interests. Below are some questions they may ask you in your coding bootcamp interview.

  • How long have you been interested in the tech industry?
  • What are your long-term goals after graduation?
  • Do you have any hands-on experience in tech?

How Can You Prepare for Columbia Engineering Bootcamp?

The best way to prepare for any tech bootcamp is to take a prep course. Once you complete your registration, Columbia offers some free prep courses. These courses can make sure you have basic knowledge before you start the bootcamp.

Is Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Worth It?

Yes, Columbia Engineering Bootcamp is worth it. For starters, it is connected to an Ivy League university campus. It is also powered by Trilogy Education Services, a leading institution in the tech-education industry. Graduates from this bootcamp earn between $60,000 to $70,000 when they get their first jobs.

You will not get a Columbia degree as a college graduate would. However, you will get all the knowledge you need to enter a tech career without the price of a degree. The only thing you need to apply is a GED or high school diploma. This bootcamp is a great way to build your tech skills.

Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Job Placement

An average of 83 percent of all Columbia Engineering Bootcamp graduates get a job a few months after graduating. This is the national average for bootcamps in America. The job placement rate is subject to change.

Does Columbia Engineering Bootcamp Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Columbia Engineering does not offer a job guarantee. However, it does offer one-on-one career coaching, mentorship, and resume-building assistance. Even without a guarantee, you can get a great job in tech.

Should You Apply to Columbia Engineering Bootcamp?

Yes, you should apply to Columbia Engineering Bootcamp. It is perfect if you are looking for an institute that has extensive courses across tech disciplines.

The Columbia name looks good on any resume. These online courses have live instructors that give you a personal learning experience. Columbia Engineering Bootcamp can prepare you for a long and lucrative career in tech.

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