Evolve Security Academy Reviews and Complete Guide

Plenty of bootcamps provide opportunities to start your tech career. It can be challenging to find a suitable cyber security bootcamp, but Evolve Security Academy is a good choice.

Read below for an in-depth review of Evolve Security Academy courses, tuition, application, job placement, and more.

What Do You Need to Know about Evolve Security Academy?

Evolve Security Academy is a cyber security bootcamp. You can get an immersive, hands-on experience to launch your cyber security career.

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Evolve provides a holistic cyber security education and advanced tracks in cyber security. You will gain practical experience and meet mentors from the field. You can also train to get your Offensive Security Certified Professional certification.

Evolve Security Academy has an in-person and remote option, both of which last twenty weeks. The advanced tracks will help you learn penetration testing and application security in only five weeks. These cyber security courses will help you navigate the tech scene much more easily. Hands-on learning and career services set this bootcamp apart from the crowd.

Locations Chicago, Illinois, Online
Tuition In-person: $14,500, remote: $12,500
Financing Options Private Loans, Scholarships, Upfront, Installments, GI Bill
Start Dates Remote: April 5, June 7, August 9, October 11
In-Person: April 5, August 16
Program Types Online, Part-time
Courses Remote Cyber Security Bootcamp, In-Person Cyber Security Bootcamp, OSCP Exam Preparation

Where Are Evolve Security Academy’s Campuses Located?

Evolve Security Academy is based in Chicago, Illinois. At the time of writing, due to COVID-19, classes are online only.

How Much Is Tuition At Evolve Security Academy?

The Evolve Security Academy in-person tuition is $14,500, and the remote bootcamp is $12,500. If you are eligible for a bootcamp scholarship or loan, you can lower your tuition.

How Can You Pay Evolve Security Academy Tuition?

Evolve Security Academy offers a few different tuition financing options, which you can read below. Not every cyber security bootcamp provides flexible payment choices. Do your research and make sure you’re aware of your options.

Evolve Security Academy Scholarships

One great way to cover your tuition costs is through a scholarship. With Evolve, you can get a partial scholarship based on merit. When you apply for a scholarship, attach a personal essay to explain why you deserve it. You also have to go through an interview process.


You can pay upfront with Evolve Security Academy to get your payment out of the way. If you decide to pay upfront on or before the date of the program, you will be eligible for a $250 discount.

Loan Financing

Evolve Security Academy partners with different loan providers to help provide equal opportunity. Through SkillsFund, you can get a personal loan at flexible rates. International students have additional international financing options.


With the installment options, you can pay half of your tuition upfront and the rest later. You have to complete the other half of the payment before the tenth week of your course.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Evolve Security Academy?

Yes, you can use the GI Bill at Evolve Security Academy. Only the in-person course in Chicago accepts it, but the lessons are online due to COVID-19.

What Courses Does Evolve Security Academy Offer?

Evolve Security Academy offers an extensive cyber security course that can help you excel in the field. Although Evolve only covers one topic, it can help you become a world-class cyber security professional. The in-person and online courses differ slightly. Read below to find out more about this cyber security bootcamp.

Cyber Security Prep Course – Remote

Evolve Security Academy offers a free prep course that you can take before you start the main bootcamp. This course will teach you all the fundamentals of cyber security, which is perfect for complete beginners. If you aren’t sure about Evolve Security Academy yet, try taking this course to get a feel for it.

In this cyber security prep course, you’ll learn Linux, Netcat, Nmap, and Wireshark. Your instructors will also teach you how to create your own home lab to practice your cyber security skills. This prep course from Evolve Security Academy is a great way to learn more about cyber security and life in the field.

Cyber Security – In-Person | Remote

The 20-week immersive course will teach you everything you need to know about cyber security. You’ll participate in 290 hours of live online sessions and dedicate 110 hours outside of class. The curriculum includes both recorded lectures and lab tutorial sessions. There are 12 modules and you’ll be tested at the end of each one.

You will also work on security projects in small groups. This will help you develop the necessary soft skills to become a great team player in the real work environment. For the in-person option, your group and instructors will meet on campus in Chicago. Otherwise, everything is the same between the online and in-person courses.

In this cyber security course, you’ll learn about essential concepts and real-world scenarios. The lab environment mimics the real-world experience of a security analyst. This prepares you to handle real-life security threats and reduce harm. At the end of the course, you’ll get a voucher to take your CompTIA Security+ verification test.

Evolve Security Academy offers a holistic approach and covers networking, security programming, OSINT and social engineering, incident response and forensics, and cryptography. You’ll also learn about app sec and offensive security, scripting for security, security operations threat modeling, and security operations architecture.

In addition to an exceptional curriculum, the school will provide career services. Evolve Security Academy features alumni networking, career coaching, job preparation training, and employer partners. You can easily secure your career in cyber security after enrolling in this bootcamp.

OSCP Bootcamp – Remote

If you’re serious about becoming a cyber security professional, you should get your Offensive Security Certified Professional certification. Evolve Security Academy offers a prep course to get you ready to take the test. You only have to pay $7,250, which is significantly less than the main Evolve Academy program.

This 18-week part-time course covers everything you need to know for the OSCP test. OSCP instructors will help guide you through practice exams, tutorials, and live lessons. The exam is included in your enrollment package so you don’t have to worry about a second step.

How to Get Accepted Into Evolve Security Academy

Because it is a specialized bootcamp, Evolve Security Academy receives a lot of applications every year. You should learn as much as you can about the process so you can impress the Admissions Board.

Evolve Security Academy Acceptance Rate

Evolve Security Academy does not state its acceptance rate.

Evolve Security Academy Application Process

The application process of Evolve Security Academy is straightforward. Follow the process below to submit your application successfully.

  1. Fill out the online application on the Evolve Academy website.
  2. If your application is successful, you will be invited to an interview. If you’re in Chicago, you can complete the interview in-person, but most are conducted over video. This interview will assess your cyber security expertise and your passion for learning.
  3. The Admissions Board will review your interview and application. This bootcamp has a rolling acceptance process so you might have to wait to know your status.

Evolve Security Academy Interview Questions

Evolve Security Academy wants to admit students who already have some cyber security background. Aside from your hard skills, you should express your interest, discipline, and passion.

You should prepare for your bootcamp interview. The Evolve interviewer might ask about the topics below.

  • Your education and work experience
  • Program expectations
  • Your interest in cyber security
  • Technical experience (networking, Linux)
  • Feats or achievements in programming

How Can You Prepare for the Evolve Security Academy?

To prepare for Evolve Security bootcamp, you should sign up for its cyber security fundamentals course. This prep course will make sure you know everything you need to start the course. You’ll learn about the current field, hacking, networking, Linux, and more.

Is Evolve Security Academy Worth It?

Yes, Evolve Security Academy is worth it. The academy has alumni in top-rated companies like Ensono, Accenture, BMO, Bank of America, FireEye, and Carbon Black. Evolve offers extensive career support to help you reach your goals.

The Evolve Academy curriculum is specialized to ensure you leave the program and lead a successful tech career. You’ll get lab simulation exercises, work experience, personal assessments, and career services.

Evolve Security Academy Job Placement

According to Evolve, 94 percent of students get hired within the first six months of graduating. On average, they experienced an average salary increase of 48 percent, which is about $65,000. Evolve Security Academy can help you get a lucrative cyber security job.

After completing the bootcamp, you can branch out into different cyber security fields. You can become a cyber security engineer, security analyst, security sales engineer, network security engineer, and more.

Does Evolve Security Academy Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Evolve Security does not offer a job guarantee. However, it offers many career services to help you get a job. It also has good statistics about job placement, despite not having a guarantee.

Should You Apply to Evolve Security Academy?

Yes, you should apply to Evolve Security Academy. The platform has extensive benefits that outweigh other cyber security bootcamps. The school has top-tier programs that will help you assume any role within cyber security.

If you’re serious about your cyber security career, you should enroll in Evolve Security Academy. You can prepare for your CompTIA Security+ verification and your OSCP exam. The instructors have real-world experience to prepare you for the field. Evolve Security Academy is the perfect cyber security bootcamp.

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