Rice University Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

Rice University Boot Camps operates as part of Rice University in Houston, Texas. As part of its Continuing Studies program, its coding bootcamps can equip you with career-oriented tech skills.

This Rice University Boot Camps review will teach you everything you need to know about this coding bootcamp to determine if it the right fit for you to start your career in tech.

What Do You Need to Know About Rice University Boot Camps?

Rice University offers seven bootcamp courses through the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Education. These courses cover in-demand tech skills to help you get a competitive job in the industry.

Locations Houston, Online
Tuition Part-Time: $11,995, Full-Time: $12,995
Financing Options Upfront, Installments, Discounts, Employer Reimbursements, Scholarships
Start Dates Rolling Start Dates
Program Types Full-Time, Part-Time, Online
Courses Coding, Data Analytics and Visualization, Cyber Security, FinTech, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, Tech Project Management

Where Are Rice University Boot Camps Campuses Located?

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Rice University is located in Houston, Texas. It offers classes online due to COVID-19, but in-person classes may resume in 2021.

How Much Is the Tuition at Rice University Boot Camps?

The part-time program costs $11,995 in tuition, and the full-time program costs $12,995.

How Can You Pay Rice University Boot Camps Tuition?

You can inquire directly at Rice University about its tuition financial support. To give you an idea of what options you have, below is a general overview of Rice University tuition payment plans.


Rice University offers monthly installments to help you pay your tuition. You pay an initial deposit first to secure your slot for your chosen bootcamp course. Then, the remaining balance will spread out into monthly installments. These payments are interest-free as part of Rice University’s aim to help students avoid loans with interest.

Early Registration Pricing

Rice University provides a discount if you pay for your tuition before the deadline. This will secure your spot and help reduce your tuition cost. You can directly contact the Rice University accounting office to learn more.

Loans and Scholarships

Rice University Boot Camps does not disclose what scholarships it offers, so you can learn more about it when you apply. This school also accepts third-party loans if you don’t find a scholarship.

Can You Use the GI Bill at Rice University Boot Camps?

You can use the GI Bill at Rice University, but you will have to contact the school to inquire about bootcamps.

What Courses Does Rice University Boot Camps Offer?

Rice University offers seven different courses, so you can choose which topic interests you most. These coding bootcamps are popular and fill up fast, so it is best to secure your slot early. Read below to see all the courses you can take at Rice University Boot Camps.

Coding Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

This course offers a focused track to help you learn web development skills. It will cover the essentials of full stack web development through basic programming languages. You will also learn web design via HTML and CSS. Coding is the first thing you should tackle as a programmer.

This coding program can teach you everything you need to know, including Python, Java, C#, and Amazon Web Services. These are in-demand programs widely used in developing websites and mobile applications.

Data Analytics & Visualization Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

This data bootcamp covers both analytics and visualization, which can prepare you for a job in the field. You’ll learn how to use data to your advantage and help business and individuals effectively interpret the results.

In this course, you’ll learn Excel, Tableau, R, and machine learning. As the world evolves, so does data. This course is a great way to stay up-to-date with the industry. If you want to become a data scientist, this is the right path for you.

Cyber Security Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

As more data is created, more protective measures should be put in place. The demand for cyber security engineers in IT and networking is growing every year. This course will teach you cyber security skills with Wireshark, Linux, and more.

This course will help you prepare for certifications such as CompTIA Security or Certified Ethical Hacker. The hands-on training will help you strengthen your understanding of cyber security and get a job in the field.

FinTech Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

The finance technology industry continues to evolve. Rice University offers this fintech course to keep you up-to-date with the field. If you want to get a job in financial tech, this is a great option for you.

You’ll learn financial fundamentals such as time-series analysis, financial ratios, financial analysis, and modeling. Once you have learned the basics, you will learn programming languages like Python. Many fintech apps today are created using Python and other coding skills.

UX/UI Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

As a web developer, you need to create efficient and user-friendly web designs. This course can develop your skills to create optimized web interfaces. You will learn UX/UI design and how to conduct research to make user experience better.

This curriculum covers qualitative and quantitative research and insight synthesis. You’ll experience discussions on user interface development, visual prototyping, and web prototyping. This hands-on course will help you become a better designer.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

Digital marketing is an in-demand campaign strategy because so many people spend time online. This bootcamp takes a multidisciplinary approach to teach you digital marketing and advertising.

Through this course, you will learn how to use modern tools to understand site analytics and reporting. You’ll learn Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, and WordPress.

Technology Project Management Bootcamp – In-Person | Online

Many project managers use technology and software to make sure projects are finished on time. This course will teach you how software is developed for project management and business use.

This class combines project management and business strategy. It will ease help you transition from traditional project management to modern tech and software. You’ll learn Agile, Scrum methodology, and hybrid project management.

How to Get Accepted Into Rice University Boot Camps

Getting into Rice University Boot Camps is almost the same as the regular university admissions process. You do not have to be a Rice University student to get in, though accepted applicants might be limited.

Rice University Boot Camps Acceptance Rate

Rice University Boot Camps does not disclose its acceptance rate.

Rice University Boot Camps Application Process

If you feel that Rice University Boot Camps is right for you, follow the steps below to apply.

  1. Fill out the online application form.
  2. Wait for a call from an admissions advisor. They will tell you about the program and interview you.
  3. Wait to hear from admissions about your status.
  4. Complete a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.

Rice University Boot Camps Interview Questions

Rice University Boot Camps does not disclose its interview process. You can find general bootcamp interview questions online to help you prepare.

How Can You Prepare for Rice University Boot Camps?

Rice University does not offer prep courses. You can apply for this school even if you do not have a coding background. You can try to learn coding on your own time to get ready for your course.

Is Rice University Boot Camps Worth It?

Yes, Rice University Boot Camps is worth it. This school has a long-standing commitment to make sure its graduates land a great job, and the same goes for its bootcamps. You can take advantage of the Rice University career services to help you get a job.

The career services include a profile coach team that provides feedback on how to network and improve your resume and portfolio. You can become an employer competitive candidate and seek better opportunities than before.

Rice University Boot Camps Job Placement

Currently, Rice University does not disclose its job placement rate.

Rice University Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, Rice University Boot Camps does not offer a job guarantee. It does, however, offer career services to help you.

Should You Apply to Rice University Boot Camps?

If you want to take a comprehensive course in a tech topic, you should apply to Rice University Boot Camps. Aside from the usual coding programs, you will learn how to apply your skills in the real world.

Rice University is a good place to learn new skills with its strong curriculum and well-rounded learning environment.

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