UT Austin Boot Camps Reviews and Complete Guide

University of Texas at Austin Boot Camps are a great way to learn tech skills while still attending a university program. The school has partnered with Trilogy Education Services to offer a variety of tech courses.

In this UT Austin Boot Camps review, we’ll go over the programs, prices, and admissions process for this tech training school.

What Do You Need to Know About UT Austin Boot Camps?

UT Austin is a large university, with more than 51,000 students. Its coding bootcamps offer courses for students who are interested in tech, or working professionals looking to make a career change. Classes available include data science, web development, digital marketing, and more.

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They are offered on a full-time or part-time basis in order to accommodate all types of students. Currently, all UT Austin Boot Camps are being taught online due to COVID-19.

Locations Austin, Texas
Tuition Part-Time: $11,995; Full-Time: $12,495
Financing Options Scholarship, Interest-Free Payment Plan, Third Party Loan
Start Dates New Courses Start Quarterly
Program Types Online, On-campus, Part-Time, Full-Time
Courses Coding, Data Analysis, UX/UI, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Product Management

Where Are UT Austin Boot Camps Campuses Located?

Normally, all UT Austin Boot Camp courses are taught at the school’s Austin, Texas, campus. For now, classes are being conducted live online in a virtual classroom.

Once the in-person sessions resume, you can find UT Austin Boot Camp courses in each of the following buildings.

  • Thompson Conference Center
      • Coding Bootcamp
      • UX/UI Bootcamp
  • Robert B Rowling Hall
      • Data Analysis and Visualization Bootcamp
      • Digital Marketing Bootcamp
  • Ernest Cockrell Jr Hall
    • Cyber Security Bootcamp
    • Digital Marketing Bootcamp

How Much Is the Tuition at UT Austin Boot Camps?

Tuition at UT Austin Boot Camps differs slightly based on the program. A part-time program lasting 18 to 24 weeks costs $11,995, while a full-time, 12-week course costs $12,495.

How Can You Pay UT Austin Boot Camps Tuition?

This coding bootcamp may not be affordable to all students, but the school provides several financing options to make it easier for students to pay for coding bootcamp tuition.

Interest-Free Payment Plan

With this option, you must first pay an initial deposit to secure your slot in the course. Then, the university’s accounting department will split your balance into monthly installments. This payment plan is interest-free.

UT Austin Boot Camps Scholarships

Presently, there are no scholarships for UT Austin Boot Camps, but you can ask your admissions adviser to help you find scholarships that are not affiliated with the university. If you happen to be a UT Austin alumni, you are eligible for a $500 tuition discount at UT Austin Boot Camps.

Third-Party Loans

UT Austin Boot Camps also allows students to pay tuition through third-party financing institutions. Your admissions officer will also be able to give you advice on this option. Make sure to verify that the loan company you are using is credible before signing any agreements.

What Courses Does UT Austin Boot Camps Offer?

UT Austin Boot Camps offers a good mix of courses. The bootcamp’s curriculums are designed to prepare students to enter the tech workforce through fast-paced, high-quality classes. Below is a breakdown of all the programs offered at the school.

Coding Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

This 12- or 24-week course will help students prepare for a career in web development or software engineering.
In the program, students will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Using these coding languages and tools like Bootstrap, MongoDB, and MySQL, students will complete hands-on programming projects. These web and mobile app designs will be included in their portfolio at the end of the course.

Data Analysis Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Data science is a huge growth area in tech, and there are many jobs open for students who want to become data analysts. This 24-week UT Austin Boot Camp teaches students how to solve complex data problems.

Aside from learning coding languages used in data analysis, such as Python, you will also study data science fundamentals such as machine learning and statistics. To make sure students are getting a realistic learning experience, this program also includes analytical projects using real collected data.

UX/UI Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

This 24-week UX/UI bootcamp teaches students how to create interactive websites that meet the demands of both clients and users. To do this, students will learn the design theory and technical skills necessary to create their own website prototypes.

Among the topics covered are typography, Adobe XD, HTML/CSS, and interaction design.

Cyber Security Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

As businesses have become more data-driven, protecting this data has also become a priority. UT Austin’s cyber security bootcamp will bring students up to speed on the IT and network security skills required to keep a company’s data safe.

In 24 weeks, you will cover topics such as ethical hacking and modern information security. The curriculum includes hands-on learning sessions using popular cyber security tools like Wireshark and Kali Linux.

Digital Marketing Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Through this digital marketing boot camp, you will learn how to use social media and web platforms to run a marketing campaign. This includes using tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and even WordPress.

By the end of the 18-week course, you will be able to develop the right marketing strategy to help any company achieve its goals.

Product Management Boot Camp – In-Person | Online

Over 18 weeks, this course will improve your product management skills through real-world projects. You will gain a deeper understanding of the product life cycle, from development to sales.

Topics covered will also include data visualization and utilizing SQL for database management. These are essential to honing your marketing analysis abilities for effective product management.

How to Get Accepted Into UT Austin Boot Camps

UT Austin Boot Camps have a smooth admissions process. All you have to do is submit an application and get ready for an interview.

UT Austin Boot Camps Application Process

The admissions process at UT Austin Boot Camps follows a rolling application process. Below are the steps that you can follow for a smooth and hassle-free procedure.

  1. Fill out the application form online and call the admissions office.
  2. An initial phone interview will be conducted right away.
  3. If the admissions team decides that you have passed the interview, you will be asked to take a critical thinking test to determine your problem-solving abilities.
  4. If you pass, you will be admitted to the boot camp.
  5. Now, you can choose which payment option you prefer in order to secure your spot in the program.

UT Austin Interview Questions

There are no sample questions available for the UT Austin Boot Camp admissions process. Still, it is a good idea to practice basic interview questions in order to prepare.

You can check out this bootcamp interview guide to get an idea of the possible structure and flow of the interview.

How Can You Prepare for UT Austin Boot Camps?

UT Austin does not offer prep courses. If you feel unprepared for your bootcamp program, you might want to take some free online introductory courses on the topics below.

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn Programming Languages
  • Learn Data Structures
  • Learn Python

Are UT Austin Boot Camps Worth It?

UT Austin Boot Camps prepare students for employment in tech. Students who attend any of the bootcamps listed above will have gained the hands-on experience they need to immediately move on to a full-time job. These in-class projects will be compiled into a portfolio that students will show to prospective employers.

The school’s career services department will help graduates prepare the materials and professional skills they’ll need to land a job.

UT Austin Boot Camps Job Placement

UT Austin Boot Camps has not made its job placement rate public.

Does UT Austin Boot Camps Offer a Job Guarantee?

UT Austin does not offer a job guarantee. Still, all UT Austin alumni receive plenty of support from the schools’ Career Services department. Students can get all the guidance they need to find a job in tech. This includes resume and portfolio advice, and one-on-one sessions with a career director.

Should You Apply to UT Austin Boot Camps?

The UT Austin Boot Camp is a great way to start a career in tech. The variety of courses on offer mean that most students will be able to find a course that appeals to their interests. Whether in coding or digital marketing, all of these UT Austin Boot Camp courses will leave students fully prepared to enter the workforce.

As it is part of a major university, the bootcamp also provides many finance options, and a dedicated career services department. UT Austin Boot Camps provide the chance for a future in tech that you might not want to pass up.

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