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The Only List of Top Mobile Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

Mobile newsletters are a common way to get news about mobile app development. They are online collections of news and resources for mobile developers, including information about the best mobile developer tools.

The biggest mobile newsletters are not only popular among companies for being great email marketing tools, but they also help developers stay updated on trends in mobile development. If you’re wondering about the best mobile newsletters to engage with, our list of top mobile newsletters will equip you to launch or advance your career as an app developer.

List of Top Mobile Newsletters

Newsletter Curator/Distributor Schedule Contents
Android Weekly Sebastian Deutsch, Martin Gauer, and Gyuri Grell Weekly on Sundays News articles, tutorials, job postings, code libraries, videos, and podcasts about Android development
AppCoda Weekly Simon Ng Weekly on Tuesdays Swift and iOS programming articles; tutorials on macOS development, ARKit, and CoreML; popular app design articles
Google Developers Newsletter Google Monthly Highlights from the latest products and programs for Android, iOS, and web app developers
iOS Dev Weekly Dave Verwer Weekly on Fridays iOS development news, tools, code, and jobs
Kotlin Weekly Enrique Manas Weekly on Sundays Kotlin-related tutorials, code libraries, news articles, events, resources, and product updates
The Overflow Cassidy Williams and Stack Overflow Weekly on Fridays Mobile and software development news, links, and events
Ray Wenderlich Weekly Ray Wenderlich Weekly on Tuesdays Tutorials, courses, free sample chapters from new books, podcast episodes, developer links, articles
Screenlane Rammy Khuffash Weekly on Tuesdays Illustrations, designs, graphics, and UI tips from the world’s best designers
UX Design Weekly Kenny Chen Weekly on Mondays UX design news, links, and tips
The Weekly Authority Paula Beaton Weekly on Fridays Android news, product features, and product reviews

The Biggest Mobile Newsletters, Explained 

Android Weekly

The current incarnation of Android Weekly was founded in 2013 when Sebastian Deutsch and Martin Gauer joined forces with Gyuri Grell’s Android Dev Weekly. The Android Weekly newsletter includes tutorials and news on a range of issues related to Android development. Its contents consist of articles, videos, screencasts, code libraries, and job postings. 

AppCoda Weekly

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This newsletter publishes must-read Swift and iOS programming articles and features tutorials on macOS development, ARKit, and CoreML that you can use to enhance your programming skills. It also comprises articles about app design from the AppCoda community, including content from its website.

Google Developers Newsletter

The Google Developers newsletter is a monthly digest of news, tips, and device trends from the world of Android development, including APIs and other programming resources. It also surveys products for iOS and web app developers. It contains discussion groups for developers who use Google’s developer products.

iOS Dev Weekly

The iOS Dev Weekly newsletter is a collection of high-quality links to coding resources, developer tools, and news and commentary from the business and marketing side of iOS development. Launched in 2011 and released every Friday, this newsletter is an excellent resource for iOS developers. 

Kotlin Weekly

Kotlin Weekly is a Monday digest of content about Kotlin, a cross-platform, general-purpose programming language popular among Android developers. It includes tutorials, code libraries, articles, and events, as well as updates on resources for Kotlin and Android.

The Overflow

The Overflow was launched in 2019 by Stack Overflow, an online forum where programmers go to get their questions answered. This newsletter provides a weekly roundup of news, articles, and links about software and mobile development. The Overflow tells subscribers about important events and makes coding resources available to all developers. 

Ray Wenderlich Weekly 

This newsletter covers iOS and Swift, Android and Kotlin, Flutter and Dart, and Unity. Its mobile development content comes in a range of formats, including articles, books, and video courses. Ray Wenderlich Weekly shares comprehensive tutorials to enhance developers’ skills, as well as free sample chapters from new publications.


Screenlane is a user interface (UI) design publication featuring illustrations, inspirational designs, and graphic elements from the best designers around the world. Built with Django and hosted on DigitalOcean, it teaches app developers how to learn UI design. By sharing the latest UI design trends, it helps developers design more impactful user interfaces. 

UX Design Weekly

UX Design Weekly is a hand-picked list of UX design links for anyone interested in user experience design. This newsletter shares weekly design tips and high-quality educational materials. What’s more, UX Design Weekly offers a free ebook on user experience design for new subscribers.

The Weekly Authority

Sent out by Android Authority, The Weekly Authority offers a breakdown of Android news, product features, and product reviews. It enables devoted developers to catch up with a broad range of tech topics. It is curated by Paula Beaton and issued out weekly on Fridays.

What Makes a Mobile Newsletter Popular? 

  • Up-to-date information. Mobile newsletters provide easy access to the latest news and updates from the world of mobile development. A newsletter that stays relevant by prioritizing the most current and vital information is more likely to become popular.
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible content. A study by Pew Research shows that 86 percent of adults get access to news from a mobile device and 54 percent of emails are opened on mobile. Mobile-friendly newsletters tend to be more popular because they promote incredible user experiences for mobile app developers.
  • Consistent publishing schedule. Subscribers are more likely to trust newsletters that go out regularly and hit users’ inboxes at the same time every week. A study conducted by the marketing software company GetResponse suggests that the best time to send an email is in the morning or early afternoon, and consistency is an important variable. 

Should I Look Beyond the Biggest Mobile Newsletters?

Yes, you should look beyond the biggest mobile newsletters. All newsletters have a common objective, which is to keep the subscribers informed. Some may be more popular than others, but they all offer relevant information on topics related to mobile development.

3 Reasons to Check Out Less Popular Mobile Newsletters

  • To gain access to a wider range of topics. Checking out less popular mobile newsletters exposes you to more content and resources. You may also find sought-after updates on a range of developer products, as well as articles and educational resources on mobile development. 
  • To get access to deals and promotions. Everyone is on the lookout for a good deal or promotion. By diversifying the newsletters you subscribe to, you will increase your chances of finding a deal on a product that you actually want to buy. 
  • To seek career advice. Because newsletters cover specific topics, they can be limited. Some popular newsletters may not provide specialized knowledge pertaining to the information you need to get ahead. You should go through less popular newsletters until you find one that offers the leap forward in your career that you’ve been looking for. 

Are the Biggest Mobile Newsletters Necessarily Better?

No. The biggest mobile newsletters are a great place to start if you are looking for app development trends, but less popular mobile newsletters also offer a range of courses and tutorials that can equip you with what you need to become a mobile developer.

Mobile Newsletters FAQ 

What are the benefits of mobile newsletters?

Mobile newsletters provide developers with updates and enable them to stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile development. With smartphones becoming more prevalent, developers all over the world can gain access to these resources. According to an estimate by Statista, there will be over 7.5 billion smartphone users by 2027

What are the best newsletters for mobile development?

Some of the best newsletters for mobile development include Android Weekly, iOS Dev Weekly, Kotlin Weekly, UX Design Weekly, The Weekly Authority, AppCoda Weekly, Google Developers Newsletter, Ray Wenderlich Weekly, Screenlane, and The Overflow.

How often should a mobile newsletter be sent out?

The ideal frequency for mobile newsletters is at most twice a week and a minimum of once a month. Newsletters that are sent too regularly may end up in the spam section of the subscriber’s email.

Should I subscribe to mobile newsletters?

Of course. If you are looking for the best news sources for developer products, updates, and educational resources, you should subscribe to mobile newsletters. A weekly or even a monthly newsletter will help you stay updated on the world of mobile app development. 

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