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What’s the Average Full Stack Developer Salary?

Carrying out tech projects often involves both front end and back end components to ensure a successful outcome. And a full stack developer is responsible for bringing both perspectives together.

A full stack developer is a career field in high demand in the tech industry, and rightly so. They carry a lot of responsibility in ensuring things work together well within a development or programming project.

With their high skillset, full stack developers can also expect impressive salaries. In fact, Indeed.com notes the average annual salary for full stack developers is $113,473.

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While you can find a great deal of variance in salary based on location and organization, overall the opportunities are abundant. And that’s a salary range you can’t ignore.

To help you move forward in this trending career field, here we share some important things to know about becoming a full stack developer and what you can expect in earning as you advance your career. 

Who Are Full Stack Developers? 

Before setting your career sights as a full stack developer, it’s helpful to know what the typical responsibilities are. They carry a wide and diverse skill set that helps to oversee projects at a high level and ensure each component of a programming project functions as intended.

Similar to web developers, full stack developers are responsible for aligning various digital components on whatever platform—whether that be a website, software for internal processes, or mobile application. This diverse skill set involves experience and competency in both front and back end perspectives of operations, meeting the needs of both the external users and your internal teams. 

Developers set themselves apart by knowing both front and back end development. While many coders, programmers, and developers specialize in one or the other, full stack developers can do it all. While the depth of knowledge in either area may not be as robust as a team member who specializes in a particular programming language or in UX design, there’s value in approaching a project from an overarching perspective that keeps each side in mind.

Full stack developers must be equipped with both in-depth technical knowledge and interpersonal and leadership skills. From a technical perspective, they’re well-versed in programming languages like HTML and JavaScript. They know how to code and steps to take when there’s a problem or issue in the platform.

This managerial role also incorporates the responsibility to ensure team members working on the various pieces of website design, software development, or app creation are all on the same page and are mindful of the overall objectives. By focusing on both their internal team and the user’s experience, a full stack developer plays an important role in pushing projects forward for success.

Full stack developers are also equipped to make well-informed decisions about a project or in proposing potential solutions to a problem. With experience in a diverse range of platforms, their problem-solving approach can keep the various components in mind as they work together with their teams to move forward and achieve organizational goals.

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Full stack developers are responsible for managing both front and back end areas of development. 

What Do Full Stack Developers Make? 

With such a great responsibility, full stack developers are often compensated well. Indeed.com reports an annual salary of $113,437 in the United States. That’s not to mention additional cash bonus opportunities for eligible thriving individuals.

The salary you can expect depends on numerous factors such as location, years of experience, type of organization you work for, and other considerations.

Full stack developers often accumulate years of experience through various roles in technology and development. While many developers begin with entry-level positions as a first step, it’s easy to rise in the ranks as you acquire more and more skills in the field. But even as an entry-level developer, you can look forward to average salaries around $71,000. With such a versatile and practical skill set, you can continue to move up the ranks should you desire to increase your earning potential and responsibility.

The salary you can anticipate also depends on where you live and work. Indeed.com notes some of the highest paying cities for full stack developer salaries. For example, San Francisco, California reports an average salary of $149,747. Developers in Seattle, Washington can look forward to averages of $129,309. In New York, salaries are reported to be $127,204 per year. And in Atlanta, Georgia, full stack developers can look forward to an average salary of $119,371.

Full stack developers can work with large-scale corporates, in smaller businesses, or as freelancers in taking on a variety of projects. Their position within a competitive market may also influence their take-home pay for their work. Technology companies and other businesses looking to create mobile apps can all take advantage of the credentials and credibility that a full stack developer brings to a project.

Move up Career Ladder as a Full Stack Developer

The field of technology is vast. As a full stack developer, you can take advantage of impressive earning potential opportunities as you pursue your passion for coding and project development. Whether you’ve already got a few years of experience to make your next move or are still exploring your options, development is a field in high demand. As you further your experience in programming and coding, you’ll set yourself up for success in a thriving career field filled with opportunity. 

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