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The Only List of Top Information Security Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

The cyber security industry has grown tremendously over the past decade and the demand for information security analysts is on the rise. Every data security professional needs to keep up with new trends in the field to ensure their businesses’ continuity. The best way to do so is by subscribing to information security newsletters.

The best information security newsletters bring the latest cyber security updates to your inbox. They also inform you of new data security advancements and practices to protect your data from new cyber crimes. However, not all newsletters are created the same. This article has a list of top information security newsletters and answers the most important related questions.

List of Top Information Security Newsletters

Newsletter Curator/Distributor Schedule Contents
Bank Info Security Information Security Media Group, Corp Weekly, Monthly Risk management, compliance, and fraud
CSO Online IDG Communications, Inc Every Weekday,
Twice a Week, or Monthly
Information security and risk management
Cyber Magazine BizClick Media Group Weekly Cyber security technology updates
Cybersecurity Ventures Cybersecurity Ventures Weekly Cyber security research
Dark Reading Informa PLC Daily, Weekly Cyber threats and vulnerabilities
GB Hackers GB Hackers Daily Hacking news
The Hacker News The Hacker News Weekly Cyber security, hacking threads, and information security trends
SANS Newsletters SANS Institute Semiweekly, Weekly, Monthly Security awareness tips and cyber security news
SecurityWeek Wired Business Media Daily, Weekly Information Security news, insights, and analysis
Threatpost Threatpost Daily Breaking cyber security news

The Biggest Information Security Newsletters, Explained 

Bank Info Security 

Bank Info Security is a media company that keeps tabs on information security, focusing on banking and finance. It has an editorial team composed of top cyber security professionals who contribute to the weekly newsletter covering cyber security, privacy, risk management, and fraud.

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It offers subscribers informed perspectives of cyber security technology and shapes their approach to modern information security issues. In addition, it publishes white papers, handbooks, and survey reports which it features in its newsletter.

CSO Online Newsletters

CSO is a leader in delivering critical information security news and technology updates. This newsletter is one of the best information security newsletters with well-curated content that covers topics like security threats, data breaches, and compliance. 

This regularly published newsletter targets business decision-makers with information that equips them to tackle evolving cyber threats and protect their businesses from criminal cyber attacks.

Cyber Magazine

Cyber Magazine, one of BizClick Media subsidiary sites, helps executives across the globe to keep up with the fast-paced cyber security world. Its weekly newsletter is loaded with exclusive content about information security systems and interviews with cyber security experts. 

Its main topics include network security, applications security, and cloud security. It’s also perfect for people looking to learn about artificial intelligence. From live events and webinars to top 100 lists and white papers, it engages readers in the IT industry from many angles to offer a great digital experience.

Cybersecurity Ventures

Cybersecurity Ventures is a leading security firm that keeps its readers updated with current news in the information security world. It targets stakeholders in security matters such as CIOs, CSOs, and information security practitioners, and business leaders such as corporate investors and venture capitalists.

It researches and publishes reports to help cyber security and business professionals make informed decisions. The Cybersecurity Ventures newsletter is loaded with exclusive content backed with original research statistics to help you stay ahead of the pack.

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a premier destination for information security professionals and communities. It serves security researchers, technology specialists, enterprise security staffers, among others, with timely updates on cyber threats such as ransomware attacks and vulnerabilities. 

In addition, it offers defense tips, key practices, and technologies to help security experts protect their data. Its daily newsletter is packed with the latest news updates, analyses, and opinions from expert contributors. The weekly newsletter compiles and delivers the most important network and data security updates with insightful commentary.

GB Hackers

GBHackers has grown to be one of the preferred sources of cyber security knowledge. It offers information security content focused on hacking, ransomware, and malware threat news updates. Other major topics include web and application penetration testing and cyber security research.

Currently, it has over half a million followers on social media platforms and attracts over three million page views monthly. Its daily newsletter is a great way to keep up with the latest cyber threat news.

The Hacker News

The Hacker News has been one of the leading cyber security resources on the Internet for the last decade. With over two million followers on Facebook, 780,000 followers on Twitter, and hundreds of thousands of fans on other platforms, it’s arguably the go-to platform for all matters cyber security. 

It publishes a weekly newsletter offering professional coverage of the latest information security trends and hacking threads. This newsletter is valuable for anyone interested in getting a job in cyber security


SANS is a leading security company founded in 1989, specializing in cyber security education and information security technology. It organizes events across continents for professionals and future cyber security practitioners with essential information to safeguard data. 

The SANS Institute, which offers cyber security training and graduate programs, also publishes expert advice for information security professionals using three newsletters. They are NewsBites, a semiweekly summary of recent headlines, @RISK, a weekly summary of attacks and vulnerabilities, and OUCH!, a monthly security awareness newsletter.


The SecurityWeek Email Briefing delivers insightful articles and exclusive tips from cyber security experts right into your email inbox. It covers a broad set of topics, including the Internet of Things, cyber crime, malware and threats, and mobile and wireless security.

Due to its comprehensive coverage, it’s one of the best information security newsletters for anyone with a passion for cyber security, regardless of their experience level. In addition, it offers updates on exclusive cyber security events and conferences, access to valuable resources, and forums where you interact with data security practitioners.


Threatpost is an independent news source about information technology and business security. The website attracts over one million monthly visitors and hundreds of thousands of professionals in IT and business. 

It focuses on information security insiders, malware, and vulnerabilities. Its Threatpost Today Newsletter brings the latest cyber security news to your inbox and is home to thousands of subscribers, making it one of the biggest information security newsletters.

What Makes an Information Security Newsletter Popular? 

  • Exclusive Content. Exclusivity is used in marketing to generate curiosity and urgency in consumers. Therefore, information security newsletters offering content you can’t find on other media platforms will attract many subscribers. Such content includes research, reports and statistics, webinars, and presentations.
  • Incentives. Like other consumers, data security professionals are concerned with benefiting from giving out their emails. Hence, cyber security newsletters with incentives encourage more readers to subscribe. Such incentives would include discounts for cyber events, free ebooks, and access to community resources. 
  • Consistency. People join a newsletter to get timely industry updates. A newsletter with high growth potential needs to consistently update its readers with curated, high-quality content. Considering the fast pace of the cyber security industry, an information security newsletter will grow tremendously by delivering updates consistently.

Should I Look Beyond the Biggest Information Security Newsletters?

Yes. To gain a better perspective on the information security industry, consider checking less popular newsletters. The biggest information security newsletters certainly offer some of the best industry updates. However, less popular newsletters can provide insight into niches and new trends that the popular ones might not. 

3 Reasons to Check Out Less Popular Information Security Newsletters

  • To get unique expert takes. Often, top information security professionals start personal blogs to share their unique perspectives on cyber matters. Their newsletters contain valuable insightful and thought-provoking content that broadens your understanding of many matters. Two good examples of such are Bruce Schneier and Troy Hunt.
  • They offer well-curated content. Less popular information security newsletters are run by bloggers who work alone or with a small team. Since their newsletters have a manageable number of subscribers, they can segment their audience and create personalized newsletters. As a subscriber, you can enjoy custom content. 
  • They are non-generic. Most large information security newsletters list the latest articles published on their website. They focus on news updates and thus seem generic. Less popular newsletters are inclined towards crafting unique, non-cluttered newsletters, allowing readers to grasp the most crucial information.

Are the Biggest Information Security Newsletters Necessarily Better?

No. The biggest newsletters have the advantage of publishing content more frequently and sending the latest industry news to readers fast. However, too much information is not necessarily valuable to readers in the current digital age. Less popular information security newsletters that aggregate information and present it in a simple and digestible format are more valuable.

Information Security Newsletters FAQ 

Where do you get your security news from?

The best sites for security news include The Hacker News, CSO Online, Security Weekly, IT Security Guru, Threatpost, and Dark Reading. You can also get timely insights by following cyber security experts such as Daniel Miessler, Katie Nickels, and Byron Acohido. You can also join cyber security communities such as the GIAC community to interact with other professionals and access industry-leading community programs. 

Are there any good hacker podcasts?

Yes, CyberWire’s Hacking Humans podcast is a good hacker podcast to start with. This podcast extensively discusses cyber criminal exploits. Other great hacker podcasts include Hack Naked News, Hack the Planet, Smashing Security, and Darknet Diaries. In addition, top information security companies like ZDNet and Wordfence have subsidiary podcasts that are credible sources of hacking news.

What is the best cyber security magazine?

One of the best cyber security publications is the Cybercrime Magazine by Cybersecurity Ventures, a leading researcher and source of data and statistics for the global information security industry. Another leading publication is the Cyber Defense Magazine, which shares knowledge, real-life experiences, and awards for excellent information security ideas, products, and services. 

What is new in information security?

Today, artificial intelligence automates security systems and analyzes massive amounts of risk data for better decision-making. In addition, multi-factor authentication has become an industry standard, and data privacy is a critical facet of the business. However, the Internet of Things, remote working, and cloud services have created new cyber crimes such as phishing attacks. More data security innovations must be built to protect data. 

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