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The Only List of Top SaaS Newsletters You’ll Ever Need

Everyone likes to stay up to date on the latest industry news. However, finding the time to read through all the relevant sources can be daunting. That’s where the best SaaS newsletters come in. 

For SaaS professionals, SaaS newsletters are an easy way to stay current on industry trends without having to navigate various industry media sources or read entire articles. They typically send out a roundup of the week’s top news stories so you can stay informed. Below is a curated list of top SaaS Newsletters and some lesser known ones to help hone your expertise. 

List of Top SaaS Newsletters

Newsletter Curator/Distributor Schedule Contents
The Daily Egg Hiten Shah, Neil Patel Weekly Infographics, videos, guides, development
Forget the Funnel Adam Connell Weekly Best articles, videos, podcasts, resources, business growth
Inside SaaS Intercom Every Thursday Product management, customer support, growth
The Price Intelligently ProfitWell Biweekly Pricing strategy, tips, news, free revenue reporting
The SaaS Academy Sachin Rekhi Every two weeks Articles about SaaS startups, guides, interviews
The SaaS Playbook ScaleWorks Weekly SaaS resources, best practices
The SaaS Revolution SaaStock Every Thursday Blog posts, interviews
The SaaS Roundup Team SaaStr Weekly Product launches, leadership pieces
SaaS Weekly Alex Theuma Weekly Latest SaaS news, blog posts, case studies
SaaStr Jason Lemkin Weekly or Daily Blog posts

The Biggest SaaS Newsletters, Explained 

The Daily Egg 

Neil Patel and Hiten Shah started The Daily Egg in 2006, and it was one of the first testing systems to help people improve their website conversion rate in less than 30 days. The weekly newsletter includes case studies on the successes and failures of businesses, and marketing tips and advice from industry experts. It is an excellent resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Forget the Funnel 

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Forget the Funnel is a weekly email newsletter by entrepreneur and marketer Adam Connell. The newsletter has a list of the best articles, videos, and podcasts from the previous week that will help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses. 

The newsletter is free to subscribe to and provides helpful tips and advice for small business owners such as how to market your business, improve your sales process, or use social media to grow their business.

Inside Intercom

Inside Intercom is published every Thursday and includes a mix of content about SaaS marketing, sales, and product management. It also offers an exclusive “Hot Off the Press” section that highlights the latest news and product updates from the SaaS community alongside unique insights about SaaS marketing and product management. 

This newsletter is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their SaaS businesses. It’s free to subscribe to and new subscribers receive a free copy of The Intercom Book of Customer Engagement

Price Intelligently 

Price Intelligently is pricing strategy software from ProfitWell, a subscription tracking service. The Price Intelligently newsletter is a biweekly curated email newsletter covering the latest pricing strategy, tips, and news. With this newsletter, learn how to optimize pricing for your business, and access tips and advice on everything from setting prices to understanding customer psychology. 

The SaaS Academy

The SaaS Academy is a weekly newsletter that discusses everything to do with SaaS education. It has news and analysis about online courses and coding bootcamps. It’s updated often so you can be sure that you’re getting the most recent information and ideas. 

Conversion rates are a critical metric for any business. By optimizing your website for a higher conversion rate, you can increase your profits and grow your business. The SaaS Academy newsletter is full of tips and bits of advice to help you do just that. The team behind The SaaS Academy are former and current business owners with a range of experience and expertise.

The SaaS Playbook 

For SaaS businesses, The SaaS Playbook newsletter from Scaleworks includes tactics, strategies, and best practices when it comes to scaling products for business. In the newsletter, you can find case studies of businesses sharing what worked and hasn’t worked for them. The SaaS Playbook also features articles on how to improve your SaaS business, the latest industry news, and interviews with SaaS experts. 

The SaaS Revolution 

Powered by SaaStock, The SaaS Revolution is a weekly newsletter that offers news, insights, and analysis on a wide range of topics. This newsletter provides a well-rounded view of the SaaS industry as it applies to areas such as startups, funding, and enterprise software.

The team behind the SaaS Revolution is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who update the newsletter every Thursday. 

The SaaS Roundup

The SaaS Roundup newsletter is different from other newsletters because it’s specifically geared towards SaaS professionals. A free, weekly newsletter delivered every Friday, SaaS Roundup is always up to date on the latest news in the SaaS industry, and the newest products from leading SaaS providers. It also includes how-to guides explaining how to use SaaS applications to improve your business. 

SaaS Weekly

The SaaS Weekly newsletter covers the latest trends and news in the industry, alongside exclusive discounts and offers in SaaS products and services. Count on helpful tips, advice for businesses of all sizes, and up-to-date news in the world of SaaS delivered right to your inbox. The SaaS Weekly newsletter is published weekly.


Founded in 2013, the SaaStr is a top-rated blog and community with over 250,000 members. The SaaStr newsletter is a weekly digest that includes blog posts and insights from the team. Experienced entrepreneurs and investors bring a unique perspective to the content they publish. 

The newsletter and blog are updated regularly with new content and insights from the community. Incredibly engaging and supportive, the SaaStr newsletter is a great way to stay updated on what’s new. 

What Makes a SaaS Newsletter Popular? 

  • Valuable content. Effective newsletters are packed with helpful information. The ones that contain high-quality and relevant content that bring value to newsletter subscribers are more likely to succeed than those that do not. SaaS companies that publish newsletters full of interesting and valuable information are more likely to keep people engaged and subscribed for longer periods.
  • Current content. The content in the newsletters is a great way to stay updated on the latest industry news. Some of them can help you learn about new products and use them. If subscribers stop receiving new content, they may unsubscribe, impacting customer loyalty. 
  • Aesthetic design. With eye-catching colors and design, newsletters can be attractive. As a result, the chance to be read and shared increases. Plus, they are often personal and customized, a key part of digital marketing strategy. For example, companies can target their messages more effectively and increase recipients’ chances to read them by personalizing newsletters with recipients’ names. 

Should I Look Beyond the Biggest SaaS Newsletters?

Yes, you should look beyond the biggest SaaS newsletters. The most popular ones may not necessarily cover every noteworthy piece of news in the industry. Other newsletters may focus on more specific aspects of the industry that are not covered by the biggest newsletters.

3 Reasons to Check Out Less Popular SaaS Newsletters

  • To get a different perspective. The same few people write several popular newsletters in the SaaS industry. By reading less popular newsletters, you can get a more diverse point of view. For example, newsletters from small startups may focus on upcoming features or new partnerships that you wouldn’t hear about from more popular sources.
  • To hear about less popular services and products. Many of the lesser-known newsletters focus on specific aspects of the SaaS industry, such as marketing, development, and customer support. This means that you can tailor your subscriptions to match your interests and stay up to date on the latest innovations.
  • To stay up to date. Most popular newsletters are written by journalists who are trying to cover the latest and greatest in the SaaS industry. This means that they often don’t have the time or knowledge to venture deep into industry topics. Less popular newsletters are written by people who are constantly monitoring industry trends and are typically involved in the industry. 

Are the Biggest SaaS Newsletters Necessarily Better?

No, the biggest SaaS newsletters are not necessarily better. The main reason is that there are different approaches to newsletters and what is helpful for one company might not work for another. The same goes for customer success and growth strategy. 

The effectiveness of a newsletter depends on the audience it is targeting, and the included content. That said, some of the biggest SaaS newsletters are effective. They have large subscriber bases and can generate engagement. Take time to research which newsletter has content that relates to your needs and the needs of your business.

SaaS Newsletters FAQ 

Do I need to read every SaaS newsletter?

No, you don’t need to read every SaaS newsletter. However, it is a good idea to read a few so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and changes.

What makes a SaaS Newsletter popular?

A few things make a SaaS newsletter popular including valuable and relevant content, up-to-date information, and customization. Some tips for creating a successful SaaS newsletter include using exciting and engaging content, making it easy to read and navigate, and keeping it brief and to the point. 

What are the benefits of using a SaaS newsletter?

The benefits of using a SaaS newsletter for your business are that it’s a cost-effective way to reach many people, it’s easy to use, and it’s reliable. Additionally, A SaaS newsletter is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers regularly and get input on customer experiences, leading to increased engagement and loyalty. It can also help raise awareness of your brand and generate leads and sales. 

How often will I receive a SaaS newsletter?

How often you receive a newsletter depends on the issuer. They can be released as daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters. Some newsletters are also released quarterly.

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