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How to Learn Swift: The Programming Language of Your Dreams

Swift is an up-and-coming intuitive programming language designed by Apple. This language is specifically for iOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and more. It has modern features and an interactive code that techies are raving about. Swift code is secure and runs at high speeds. If you want to become a web developer fast, you should learn Swift. 

What Is Swift?

Swift is a programming language that makes it easy to write software. Its simple format allows programmers to focus on the more complex constructs. Swift is the ideal language for web developers who want to build apps or software using Apple’s operating systems.

Apple created Swift in 2014 to be a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language. This means you can use multiple programming paradigms to get the job done, and programmers can solve problems in various ways, for an all-around better programming experience.

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For students, learning Swift can be a fantastic introduction to programming concepts. Because it is open-source, everyone can use it for free. There are lots of resources out there to learn Swift, and you can use it on different platforms.

What Is Swift Used For?

Swift is used to create everything and anything, including systems programming, mobile apps, desktop apps, and even cloud services. Because Swift is so flexible, it has many different uses. Here are a few reasons why Swift is a great choice.


Swift aims to replace C-based languages. It is a faster, more consistent programming language, brimming with features. Swift has predictable performance and speed, so there’s no need to correct things down the line. Those who are familiar with other languages will know that speed can be a hard trait to come by.


Swift initializes variables, which can prevent bugs and keep everything more secure. It automatically manages memory and checks for overflow to prevent attackers from modification. Swift can also eliminate whole classes of unsafe code. This language is much safer than any C-based language.

Cross-Platform Support

One of Swift’s best qualities is that it is free across a range of use cases, platforms, and devices. It supports not just Apple platforms but also Linux, Windows, and Android.

Learn Swift: Step-by-Step

Swift is tailored for beginners, so the steps to learn it are easy. Everyone from students to programming professionals can learn Swift. First-time coders can use Swift Playgrounds, an app for your iPad that is among the most interactive and fun ways to learn to code for free.

1. Learn About Other Programming Languages

Swift is relatively one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Having some basics in JavaScript, Python, and React will speed up the learning process. It has a similar syntax to JavaScript, so that knowledge can help you in the long run. 

2. Learn Swift Syntax

When learning any language, you need to begin with the grammar. The syntax for Swift is fairly intuitive, especially if you have other top programming languages under your belt. For the typical “Hello World!” example, this is how you would format it for Swift:

import UIKit 

var str = “Hello, World!” 


3. Explore Data Types

Since there are so many kinds of data today, Swift provides different data types. Having multiple types helps programmers select the appropriate one and set its value. You can use tutorials and courses to learn about this process. You should learn about types like float, bool, character, integers, string, and optional. 

4. Learn Swift Strings

Characters and their combination make up strings, similar to phrases in English. Strings play a significant role in programming, as they help create messages and statements in the program. Through the println statement, strings and characters can display a message on a program. You can learn more about strings from some of the courses below.

5. Learn Swift Loops

Conditions can be applied to a program to branch the statements within a program. Complications can force a programmer to repeat blocks of code, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. Swift solves this through the collection of loops and conditional execution features. You can also find courses online about loops.

The Best Swift Programming Courses

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Learn all about Swift programming with these courses and tutorials.

Once you have the basics above, it is time to take some courses. Courses can help you get up-to-date and in-depth knowledge. Below are some best Swift courses where you can either learn for free or pay for a certificate.

Udacity – Learn Swift Programming Syntax

This free three-week course by Udacity will teach you about all things syntax. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply Swift and build iOS apps. Learn about Swift’s more unique elements, like optional types and switch statements, and become a pro programmer.

FreeCodeCamp – Learn the Basics of Swift in Under Ten Minutes

FreeCodeCamp offers this quick crash course, where you can learn the fundamentals of Swift in under ten minutes. This is the perfect way to explore whether Swift is right for you. Learn basic Swift concepts like syntax, program structure, and string interpolation.

W3schools – Swift Tutorial

This written online tutorial is fantastic for visual learners who want to learn at their own pace. W3schools offers lots of free coding tutorials and is a great place for beginners to look through what they need to learn.

Linkedin Learning – Swift 5 Training

The Linkedin course covers common data types, methods, conditional logic, functions, classes, structures, and more. Examples and use cases in the study come from the instructor’s own games. This course is fun to take and practical in the real world. 

PluralSight – Swift Fundamentals

This Swift course is four-hours long and offers excellent foundational knowledge, including syntax and data. You will learn the language, the basics of control flow, and how to develop apps on iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Udacity – Become an iOS Developer (Nanodegree)

This six-month Nano degree is perfect for serious Swift students. Learn all about app development using views, layouts, UIKit, and more. You’ll learn to create more complex applications with networking, core data, and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch. At the end of this course, you earn a certificate for your resume.


Udacity – Learn ARKit using Swift

This is a more advanced Swift course from Udacity. It teaches you the basics of ARKit using Swift and Xcode. You’ll learn how to integrate proper lighting and physics with Swift. This Nanodegree will also teach you to use Git and GitHub as a bonus for aspiring developers.

SwiftUI Masterclass – Learn iOS Development

This complete iOS 14 and SwiftUI Masterclass will take you from beginner to advanced app developer. This course gets updated with new projects and courses every month, keeping it fresh and exciting. Students who sign up for this online course will have more than fifty hours of content on Swift to learn.

Is Learning Swift Right for You?

If you want to learn iOS development, then learning Swift is right for you. Swift has a huge list of pros. It is fast, efficient, and easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners. Swift is also a significant improvement on Objective-C in terms of its performance capabilities.

Swift is a great introductory programming language. It’s also useful for experienced developers. No matter who you are, you should learn Swift. 

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