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How to Learn Unix: A Beginner’s Guide

Learning Unix can open up many incredible tech career opportunities, enabling you to earn a great salary. The prevalence of using Unix is undeniable and it is used across many industries. 

Windows may be the most popular operating system, but Unix provides the ultimate environment. With viable Unix training, you can easily become one of the best Unix developers.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with the necessary resources you need to learn Unix, including 10 of the best Unix courses provided by expert instructors to help you start a career in tech. 

What Is Unix?

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Unix is an operating system that provides its users with development tools and electronic communications facilities. It is the most potent multi-user and multitasking operating system. The most common Unix operating systems are Linux, iOS, macOS X, Chrome OS, Orbis OS, and Android. 

The fundamental concept of Unix originated from the Multics project, a time-sharing system allowing simultaneous access to a mainframe computer. The Unix system has plenty of web development tools, unlike other systems requiring add-ons. 

The Unix system is built on Kernel, which is responsible for managing the system and other processes. Unix programs are designed to meet the requirements of interoperability, and a standardized text interface. 

What Is Unix Used For?

Unix is used in all forms of computing systems, including laptops, servers, and desktops. Unix allows multiple functions that support easy navigation and a support environment. Below are some of the uses of Unix.

To Multitask

The whole concept of Unix is to allow multiple people to log in at the same time seamlessly. It is highly customizable compared to the Windows system and also more secure. 

Basis of Modern Technology

Unix serves as the basis of web services such as Netflix. The tools of this operating system are much stronger than Windows and also much faster.

For Security

All users must log in with their specified credentials. Unix does not support logins that are not authenticated with a password and a valid account.

Task Automation

Through Unix, you can issue a simple command line, and it will execute repetitive tasks. You do not have to write the same command line repeatedly.

Learn Unix: Step-by-Step

The Unix platform can be used on a server and also on a workstation. Due to its flexibility, the use of Unix has grown over the years. 

Learning Unix can be relatively simple and you should be able to pick up this extra skill seamlessly. Below are some easy steps to learn Unix.

1. Install Unix

You must first download VMware Player and RHEL 7 DVD ISO. These are essential before installing Red Hat Enterprise 7.0. You will have to download Unix first so that you can learn as you practice.

2. Sign Up For Class

Learning in a class offers plenty of advantages, you can easily seek clarification on challenging concepts, make relevant connections with professionals in the industry, and obtain extra reading materials. 

 3. Attend a Webinar

There are many webinars conducted by experts in the industry available online. These webinars are helpful in helping you learn what is new and the best practices to adopt. 

4. Watch a Tutorial

Unix experts are always ready to share any new developments and career advice. You can check out YouTube for Unix Tutorials for beginners and learn what other professionals are doing and discover any hacks they have identified.

5. Practice

It is almost impossible to be good at something without constant practice. The more you use Unix, the better your skills will become. Don’t underestimate the power of doing something repetitively.

The Best Unix Courses

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Looking for the best available Unix courses? Find the best available courses below.

Learning Unix is not necessarily a challenging process, and with the promising future of Unix, it is a beneficial operating system to learn. It would be a great extra skill to add to your resume. Below are some of the courses you should consider.

Udemy: Linux Administration Bootcamp

This course will help you understand the Linux Operating system basics. The bootcamp will teach you how to access a Linux server, as well as Linux distribution. Basic commands and the file system layout of Linux systems.

In addition, the bootcamp also covers how permissions work, the use of nano and vi, comparing files and content, customizing shell prompt, and how to be efficient using alias and tab completion. You should enroll in this course if you have a strong passion for Linux and not enough time to learn.

Udemy: Get Expertise in Database Testing + Linux for Testers

This course will cover grouping, advanced SQL, joins, constraint, advanced select query, and fetching data from tables using select queries. You will also cover Unix for testers, basic Unix commands, and check the file’s content. In this course, you must have a fundamental grasp of Windows operating systems and databases. 

At the end of a 13-hour course, you will face database testing challenges and face manual testing and database. In addition to work on Unix and Linux machines and complex database operations. 

Learning Tree International: Linux & Unix Training

This is an instrumental program to learn relevant concepts of Linux and Unix. You will cover essential aspects such as installation and configuration, manipulating files, and writing robust shell scripts. The course also offers extra Linux training for administration and support, tools and utility training, and Linux CompTia.

You will gain invaluable skills to build, manage, and maintain your Linux platform. You will also boost your career prospects by earning a certificate and learning directly from Linux and Unix’s experts.

Udemy: Linux Operating System Fundamentals

This Udemy course covers the basics of the Linux operating system, the definition, and the foundational knowledge of using the platform. This is a free course essential in providing a simple framework of Linux and its fundamental use.

LinkedIn Learning: Unix for Mac OS X Users 

This course covers how to use command-line syntax to conduct everyday functions. The instructor will cover vital topics of Unix concepts in macOS X. They will also introduce you to the fundamentals of Unix and how to issue commands. Following the course, you will be able to change the ownership and permissions using the command line aspect.

Udemy: Advanced Unix

This is an excellent course for developers, software designers, and anyone interested in big data, machine learning, or artificial intelligence. In the lessons, you will cover the basics of Advance AWK, shell programming and file processing using SED. 

AWK is an exceptional tool for processing the rows and columns of Unix utilities. It features associative arrays that are extremely useful in completing complex trivial exercises. At the end of this eight-week course, you will have the necessary expertise in advanced Unix commands and a deep understanding of file search operations.

Johns Hopkins University: The Unix Workbench 

This course will help you learn about the Unix operating system such as Linux and Mac OS. You will gain invaluable skills in different technologies that can be accessed via a command-line interface. The course includes an introduction to Unix command line fundamentals and provides books, videos, projects, and assignments to ensure you are the best in the field.

Once you conclude the program, you will earn a certificate from the platform. The 19-hour program is one of the best to learn the power of different Unix tools while working through several scenarios.

Udemy: Learn Linux: Become a Unix Master

In this course, the instructor will help you use the Bash scripts and Cron scheduling software for automation. You will learn how to create an independent Unix and Linux operating system and how to operate it entirely from the command line. It is a great course to learn how to customize, install, and manage open-source software.

This is a beginner course and you do not need any prior knowledge of the software. It is the best foundation to gain a deeper understanding of Linux.

Alison: Unix/Linux and Shell Scripting

This free three-hour course is essential in guiding you through Linux commands and shell scripting. You will learn how to integrate a wide range of commands and their application on computers, integrated systems, and phones.

In addition, you will learn about file permissions and their maintenance by Unix and chmod and sudo. You will also gain a lot of knowledge in different commands, including the cat command. The instructor will teach you how to work with different tools such as Grep, Python, and Git. 

Udemy: Linux Commands+Shell scripting for Tester

You will learn how to work on Unix and Linux servers or machines. You will also have a great understanding of shell scripting and the implementation in testing tasks. The instructor also teaches the basic Unix commands and utilities, checking the content of files, searching data in a file, command operators, file comparison, and processing file data using the CUT command.

If you want to also learn about condition handling and string operation, you should sign up for this course. 

Is Learning Unix Right for You? 

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There are plenty of online Unix courses to accommodate your schedule.

Knowing how to work with Unix is an invaluable skill to have in the world of technology. The operating system issues simple command lines and connects easily to different servers. By a huge margin, the Unix System is the best in the market today. 

This open-source operating system is prevalent among fortune 500 companies and if you aspire to work in a well-established environment, you should consider learning Unix. Windows may be the most popular in the business IT world, however, Unix provides the environment to operate the functions.

As a web developer, you should learn the Unix operating system, as it is the basis of consumer computing and it is only going to grow over the next decade. An average Unix developer earns about $133,000 annually. 

After learning the Unix operating system, you are not limited to just being a developer, you could also become a Unix engineer, Unix System engineer, Unix AIX, Unix architect, or AIX engineer. Job opportunities in the real world for the application of Unix skills are broad, and the earning potential is promising.

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