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Best Tech Events to Learn and Get Support

Tech events bring tech industry professionals together for interactive, educational experiences and networking opportunities. Such events are also a great chance to learn from and even meet business leaders. These can be virtual admissions events or an annual event that is held in person.

If you are curious about attending a tech event but unsure where to start, we can help you. Below, we will look at some of the best tech events and meetups in 2022. This article will outline a collection of tech events, including the topics covered, estimated prices, dates, and locations. 

What Are Tech Events?

Tech events are large gatherings of tech professionals and leaders in technology who share insights and business challenges. Attendees, who are mostly tech professionals, will learn about the hottest topics in tech, the newest compelling technology megatrends, groundbreaking digital technologies showcased by tech giants, and much more. 

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These events offer ongoing learning and networking opportunities. A tech event may be a virtual event or an in-person event. Tech events also help businesses implement technology and tech solutions to drive the business forward. 

Tech Conferences

Tech conferences are events for tech professionals and businesses to network and learn. They are usually a full day or more and cover a wide range of tech topics. Tech community leaders and experts share ideas and technologies with attendees at these tech events. When it comes to tech conferences, you may find cloud strategy, blockchain, or app development conferences, to name a few. 

Tech Meetups

Tech meetups are events for tech professionals who are looking to meet like-minded people and expand their networks. Tech meetups are short and informal gatherings where people can share action-packed stories of success, struggle, or encouragement. Speakers and tech professionals share their ideas, strategies, and success stories.

Benefits of Attending Tech Events, Conferences, or Meetups

There is a lot that goes into tech event planning to ensure participants get the most out of the experience. As such, they are informative, interactive, and bring industry professionals together to share business challenges and new ideas. There are numerous advantages to attending a tech event. This section will discuss four benefits of attending tech events, meetups, and conferences.

  • Tech events offer networking opportunities. One of the most significant benefits of tech events is meeting like-minded people and industry leaders. You may even get offered a job at a tech event.
  • You can learn new skills from peers and industry experts. Tech events are a great place to learn new skills and implement specific solutions to increase your business’s success or advance your career.  
  • Remain up to date with the recent trends in your industry. At tech events and conferences, keynotes address new trends in the tech industry. This is highly beneficial because keeping up with trends will help you stay innovative with the industry.  
  • Learn about groundbreaking technologies. When attending a tech conference, you will learn about new technologies and the best ways to implement them into your business to optimize success. 

Best Tech Events, Conferences, and Meetups: 2022 List 

Event Dates Location Type of Event Registration Fee
SXSW March 11 – 20 Austin, TX and online Conference $489 – $1,727
Domopalooza March 23 Online Conference Free
Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2022 April 26 – 27 Chicago, IL Conference $1,799 – $2,499
AI and Big Data Expo North America May 11 – 12 Santa Clara, CA Conference and exhibit $0 – $799
RSA Conference June 6 – 9 San Francisco, CA and online Conference $50 – $1,995
Cisco Live June 12 – 16 Las Vegas, NV and online Conference $0 – $3,195
Identiverse 2022 August 21 – 24 Denver, CO Conference $995 – $1,595
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit August 22 – 24 Orlando, FL Conference $3,375 – $3,975
Evolve Tech Conference October 5 – 6 Las Vegas, NV Conference $425 – $525
AI Accelerator Summit October 20 Boston, MA Summit $595 – $1,195

Best Tech Conferences, Meetups, and Events in 2022: Details

If you want to learn and expand your professional network, tech events are perfect for you. There are so many tech events to choose from that it can be a hard decision to make. Below is a comprehensive list of the best upcoming in-person and virtual events in 2022.  

SXSW | March 11 – 20

  • Location(s): Austin, TX and online
  • Cost of Registration: $489 for online attendees, $1,470 for interactive event attendees,  $1,727 for all event attendees

SXSW is one of the largest technology events and addresses breakthroughs in film, technology, culture, and music. There are multiple tracks within this annual event. The tech industry track is a celebration of technology innovation and covers blockchain, data ethics, security, and more. This conference can help you advance your career by practicing essential networking skills and making connections within the tech ecosystem.

Domopalooza | March 23 

  • Location(s): Online
  • Cost of Registration: Free

Domopalooza is a virtual conference for data, IT, and business leaders and professionals interested in streamlining their data. This all-digital event will teach people to use Domo’s cloud-based services for the best results using the business intelligence data analytics strategy. This conference covers many of the hottest topics in the data industry, like modern data ecosystems, driving scale, and adoption​.

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA 2022 | April 26 – 27

  • Location(s): Chicago, IL
  • Cost of Registration: $1,799 for a basic pass, $1,999 for a business pass, $2,499 for a VIP pass

Insurance AI and Innovative Tech USA is an in-person event for insurance companies and innovative software professionals looking to improve success through data and technology. Conference speakers include leaders of data and technology in the insurance industry. The conference program covers research-driven roundtables and webinars, addressing how to use a data analytics strategy to optimize digital technologies.

AI and Big Data Expo North America | May 11 – 12

  • Location (s): Santa Clara, CA
  • Cost of Registration: $0 for free Expo pass, $149 for virtual pass, $299 for one-day gold pass, $499 for two-day gold pass, $799 for an ultimate pass

This tech event is for technology professionals from multiple industries who are ambitious and interested in advancing their business by using new strategies and innovations. Attendees will see cutting-edge digital technology, learn top new trends in AI, hear from more than 250 event experts, and get insight into the impact of AI and big data on all industry sectors.

RSA Conference | June 6 – 9

  • Location(s): San Francisco, CA and online
  • Cost of Registration: $50 for expo pass, $395 for expo and digital pass, $750 – $1,995 for an all-conference pass

The RSA Conference in San Francisco, an active technology hub, is for cyber security professionals. It addresses typical challenges and solutions within the field. During this four-day event, attendees will be shown the latest cyber security threat solutions and hear success stories from world-class software leaders in cyber security. Attendees in person and online benefit from participating in interactive programs.

Cisco Live | June 12 – 16

  • Location(s): Las Vegas, NV and online
  • Cost of Registration: $0 for online attendees, $725 – $795 for explorer pass, $2,595 – $2,795 for full conference pass, $2,995 – $3,195 for IT leadership pass

Cisco Live is one of the largest technology events held by Cisco, a networking technology brand that offers many products and services. This gathering facilitates community connections and education through technical sessions, meetings with event experts, and a showcase of trending digital technologies. The conference is for prospective and commercial customers, innovators in technology, and members of the C-suite. 

Identiverse 2022 | August 21 – 24

  • Location(s): Denver, CO
  • Cost of Registration: $995 – $1,295 for early bird registration, $1,595 for standard registration

Identiverse is an annual tech conference that brings security and identity communities together. Security industry professionals such as security architects and product leaders gather for four days to learn and make career-enhancing connections. Attendees will benefit from a comprehensive program with more than 70 hours of MasterClasses, tech giant keynote speakers, and expert panels.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit | August 22 – 24 

  • Location(s): Orlando, FL
  • Cost of Registration: $3,375 for public sector attendees, $3,625 for early bird registration, $3,975 for standard registration

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit will address the most common challenges of business and data analytics leaders. Participants will learn how to stay flexible in an uncertain world. They will also learn how to harness uncertainty, transform it into opportunity, and use data analytics capabilities to simplify decision-making and improve customer service. Other conferences held by Gartner include Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2022 and Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit.

Evolve Tech Conference | October 5 – 6 

  • Location(s): Las Vegas, NV
  • Cost of Registration: $425 for early bird registration, $495 for standard registration,  $525 for on-site registration

Evolve Tech Conference is a tech event for visionaries and IT industry leaders. Influential IT professionals share innovative trends and insights and showcase groundbreaking technologies. You should attend this conference to see industry-leading keynotes, learn new tech solutions, and make the most of networking opportunities.

AI Accelerator Summit | October 20 

  • Location(s): Boston, MA
  • Cost of Registration: $595 for attendees with startups, $795 for silver pass, $995 for gold pass, $1,195 for platinum pass

The AI Accelerator Summit is a tech event that shares insight on optimizing front end solutions using hardware platforms in industries like mobile technology. Attendees will learn more about brain-inspired computing, HPC architecture, and quantum approaches to AI processing. AI leaders and exciting AI chip startups will share knowledge, business challenges, success stories, and solution strategies. 

Should I Attend Tech Events in 2022? 

Yes, you should attend a tech event to continue learning and keep up with industry trends and innovations. These events also allow you to share success stories, experiences, and challenges with peers and leaders in technology. Tech events like meetups and conferences allow you to meet community leaders and advance your tech career.

However, if tech events are not for you, coding bootcamps are another fantastic way to learn. A bootcamp is an intensive, short-term educational program that provides you with the valuable and necessary skills for a tech career. You can easily find the best coding bootcamps in a wide range of technical fields. 

Tech Events FAQ

What is the biggest tech event in the US?

CES is the biggest annual industry event and showcase, with 30 percent of attendees representing 119 countries outside of the US. CES 2022 is an annual tech conference held in the US at the beginning of the year. This year the CES conference was held between the fifth and eighth of January. 

Do tech universities offer tech events for students?,

Yes, if you are a tech student looking to meet new people with the same mindset, interests, and experience, you can look into what clubs, organizations, and event services your university offers. For example, Cornell Tech University has many tech clubs that students can choose from, such as the Association of Computer Science Undergraduates and Women in Computing at Cornell. 

How can I become a speaker at a tech event?

To become a speaker at a tech event, find an event you want to speak at, research speaking opportunities, and decide on a presentation format such as a case study presentation or symposium story where you share compelling stories of success. The final step is to contact the event planners or complete a speaker submission form and wait for approval.

What topics do tech events cover?

Topics covered during tech events include the hottest topics in the industry such as AI, blockchain technology, and data science. Other possible tech event topics include innovative food tech, automotive tech, mobile technology, advanced mapping technology, quantum computing, and clean grid technology. 

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