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Startup Quantum Computing Companies: The Top 10 Quantum Computing Startups

Quantum computing is a rapidly growing field. According to Statista, the quantum computing market is expected to be valued at $8.6 billion by 2027. The best quantum computing startups are developing innovative solutions and conventional computational methods to tackle problems that once seemed impossible to solve.

This article contains a detailed list of the current most prominent quantum computing startups in North America and beyond. We’ll also explore the benefits of working in quantum computing startup companies and the common job roles you can apply for in the industry.

What Are Quantum Computing Startup Companies?

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Quantum computing startup companies are smaller, newly founded organizations that employ quantum technologies to solve real-world problems. Quantum computing companies usually develop hardware or software solutions, and they use quantum theory to address challenges in various industries.

Top Quantum Computing Companies That Began As Startups

Several top quantum computing companies began as early-stage businesses seeking to fill a gap in the market using quantum computing hardware or software. However, due to the high demand for quantum computing services across many industries, these startups have become leading companies. A few of the biggest startups-turned-tech giants are listed below.

Big Quantum Computing Companies

  1. IBM
  2. Zapata Computing
  3. Atom Computing
  4. Microsoft Azure Quantum
  5. QC Ware

The Best Quantum Computing Startup Companies

Company Name Location Funding Number of Employees
Atom Computing Berkeley, California $81M 28 (2022)
HQS Quantum Simulations Karlsruhe, Germany $16.1M 28 (2022)
IonQ College Park, Maryland $432M 76 (2021)
ORCA Computing London, United Kingdom $12.2M 22 (2022)
ProteinQure Toronto, Canada $4.6M 17 (2022)
PsiQuantum Palo Alto, California $665M 184 (2022)
QuEra Computing Boston, Massachusetts $17M 24 (2022)
Rigetti Computing Berkeley, California $298.5M 144 (2022)
Strangeworks Austin, Texas $4M 17 (2022)
Xanadu Quantum Technologies Toronto, Canada $135M 112 (2022)

The Top Quantum Computing Startups: A Closer Look

Atom Computing

●     Founded: 2018

●     Funding: $81M

Atom Computing is one of quantum computing’s leading startups globally. Based in Berkeley, California, they focus on building quantum computers for commercial use. Atom Computing seeks to scale its services and help businesses solve complex problems by using neutral atoms to develop nuclear-spin qubits.

HQS Quantum Simulations

●     Founded: 2017

●     Funding: $16.1M

HQS Quantum Simulations creates software to help academics and individuals in the pharmaceutical industry understand the properties of molecules and materials. HQS Quantum Simulations applies quantum computing technology to provide a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective method for the research and development of materials.


●     Founded: 2015

●     Funding: $432M

IonQ is a quantum computing startup focused on promoting the widespread adoption of trapped ion quantum computing by building high-performance quantum computers. IonQ also has partnerships with well-established companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. These agreements have enabled the company to offer quantum computing services via the cloud.

ORCA Computing

●     Founded: 2019

●     Funding: $12.2M

ORCA computing combines decades of research to create quantum solutions. The company’s vision is to develop scalable quantum computing technologies by using short-term memories to facilitate quantum information processing. ORCA Computing was announced as the Institute of Physics Business Startup Award winner in July 2020.


●     Founded: 2017

●     Funding: $4.6M

ProteinQure is a Canadian startup that applies quantum theory to simplify the process of drug discovery and design. ProteinQure addresses the problems of insufficient data and difficulty handling large protein molecules and is working to create a new, better approach to protein-based therapeutics with quantum computing solutions.


●     Founded: 2016

●     Funding: $665M

PsiQuantum seeks to build the first-ever silicon photonic quantum computer with error correction and 1,000,000 quantum bits. PsiQuantum believes that photonics is the only way for quantum computers to produce more than 1,000,000 qubits and achieve real-world relevance. The Silicon Valley-based startup is already manufacturing quantum chips to be used in the new era of quantum computers.

QuEra Computing

●     Founded: 2018

●     Funding: $17M

QuEra builds quantum computers for various industries, including academia, telecommunications, and finance. It was founded by Alex Keesling, a Harvard University graduate who specializes in quantum computing. QuEra Computing recently came out of stealth mode and made the news by announcing that they had developed a 256-qubit machine.

Rigetti Computing

●     Founded: 2013

●     Funding: $298.5M

Rigetti Computing develops high-powered quantum systems and superconductors. The company has attracted hundreds of millions in funding since 2013. Rigetti Computing also has its own cloud service platform, Forest, for other quantum engineers and developers to use their quantum processors.


●     Founded: 2018

●     Funding: $4M

Strangeworks helps developers, researchers, and organizations demystify quantum computing. They provide clients with multiple quantum computing tools in a single space. Strangeworks also promotes innovation by building software that expedites collaboration among quantum computing enthusiasts.

Xanadu Quantum Technologies

●     Founded: 2016

●     Funding: $135.6M

Xanadu builds comprehensive and efficient quantum hardware products. They also have a cloud platform, the Xanadu Quantum Cloud, which promotes easy accessibility for their quantum computing tools and solutions. Xanadu engages in developing open source quantum machine learning innovations.

Benefits of Working at a Quantum Computing Startup

Getting into a quantum computing startup requires many years of hard work and education. However, quantum computing startups are great places to work because of the several major benefits they provide.

Top 5 Reasons to Work at a Quantum Computing Startup

  1. Opportunity to engage in cutting-edge work. Quantum computing startups offer you the chance to make novel discoveries and engage in groundbreaking work.
  2. Increased participation. Unlike with many large, well-established companies, you will be able to play a more active part in achieving the company’s objectives and overall success.
  3. Attractive salaries. Most jobs within the quantum computing startup space pay very lucrative salaries and offer great benefits.
  4. Flexibility. Several quantum computing startups offer remote work opportunities. So, you may have more control over your time and the freedom to work from anywhere.
  5. Greater recognition. Most quantum computing startups are made up of small teams. This makes it easier for your personal contributions to be recognized.

Can a Coding Bootcamp Help Me Get a Job at a Quantum Computing Startup?

Unfortunately, without a relevant educational background, a coding bootcamp alone won’t help you get a job at a quantum computing startup. However, coding bootcamps allow you to develop critical programming and machine learning skills to become better at quantum computing. To get a job in quantum computing, coding bootcamps are beneficial for improving your skills and positioning you to attract better job offers in the future.

Top Bootcamps with Quantum Computing Programs

  • Simplilearn. Simplilearn is a highly-rated bootcamp academy that offers courses in data analytics and full stack development, two valuable skills to have in the quantum computing industry.
  • Flatiron School. Flatiron School offers online, part-time, and self-paced bootcamp courses in data science, and popular coding languages like Python, which is commonly used to develop software in the field.
  • Kenzie Academy. This highly respected bootcamp academy offers relevant quantum computing courses in user experience (UX) design and software development.
  • Springboard. Springboard offers a wide range of course options online for data science, UX, and full stack development. Training in these topics will prepare you for difficult tasks you may encounter in the quantum computing industry.
  • Ironhack. Global tech institute Ironhack offers nine and twenty-four-week online course options focused on web development, UX, and data analytics. They also provide many payment options to help make tuition costs more affordable and accessible to learners.

Common Jobs in Quantum Computing

●     Quantum computing software engineer: Quantum computing software engineers are responsible for developing quantum algorithms. They may be required to build quantum software tools for clients. Depending on the company, they may also build cloud software.

●     Quantum researcher: Quantum researchers have a solid knowledge of the theoretical aspects of quantum theory. They discover novel ways to use quantum computing to tackle common problems. Quantum researchers usually work with a team to develop ideas for building better quantum computing tools.

●     Project manager: Project managers have a more administrative role. Their job is to ensure that timelines are kept, and resources are managed efficiently. Project managers also work closely with all other teams and the company’s founders to achieve a predetermined company objective.

●     Quantum physicist: Quantum physicists are one of the most in-demand professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for quantum physicists will increase by eight percent between 2020 and 2030. These individuals translate the knowledge of quantum physics into commercial products.

Should I Work for a Quantum Computing Startup Company?

If you enjoy applying scientific and mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems, you should consider working for a quantum computing startup. Quantum computing is one of the top new trends in technology for the future. Working in a quantum computing startup will allow you to make impactful contributions across various industries.

Best Quantum Computing Startups FAQ

Do I need a university degree to work at a quantum computing startup?

To work at a quantum computing startup, you’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics, or other related fields as a minimum requirement. Quantum computing jobs require a lot of knowledge and experience. Most workers in quantum computing startups even have more advanced degrees, like a master’s or PhD.

Is a career in quantum computing worth it?

Yes, a career in quantum computing is worth it and very fulfilling. Quantum computing startups usually engage in groundbreaking work. Most quantum computing jobs also come with large salaries and other incentives because of the enormous need for skilled quantum computing experts.

Are there quantum computing jobs in the US?

There are many quantum computing jobs available in the US. Currently, the United States is the leading country in the adoption of quantum technology worldwide, according to Statista. As a result, several US-based quantum computing startups are constantly expanding and hiring individuals to fill different roles.

Is Python used in quantum computing?

Yes, Python is used in quantum computing. Many popular quantum computing tools such as Qskit and Cirq are built with Python. Before working with these tools, you may need to improve your Python programming skills. An excellent way to do that is by exploring Python YouTube channels or reading textbooks.

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