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Computer Programming In 10 Years: Will Computer Programming Become Obsolete?

Computer programming encompasses various analytical skills and techniques that are widespread. This means that computer programming won’t become obsolete in 10 years. Software developers, systems engineers, and skilled operators utilize computer programming techniques for repetitive tasks and procedures.

Because of the decline of computer programming jobs, some people are wondering when computer programming skills will become obsolete. Computer programming is still a vital component to the future of education, voice recognition, mind-machine interface design, the creation of software, and other important facets of the technology industry.

Read this article to learn more about the topic of software engineering, computer programming alternatives, and how to deal with the future of technology. If you find yourself asking, “Will computer programming become obsolete?” or even “When will computer programming become obsolete?” then this article is for you.

What Is Computer Programming?

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Computer programming entails writing codes that control how a computer, application, or software program behaves. Computer programmers execute specific actions, as well as write and test code that enables the application and software programs to work correctly.

Also, computer programming can be a simple code of adding two numbers. It can also be as complex as sorting data, creating complex games through multi-layered worlds, and so on. On average, learning how to write code takes anywhere from three to six months total, but you can continue learning software engineering techniques your whole life.

Will Computer Programming Be Replaced by Future Technology?

Computer programming has been around since the late 20th century, so it’s possible that new technology may replace it. Below are reasons computer programming may likely be replaced by future technology.

Advancement in Technology

In this age of technology, computer programming is becoming more straightforward and is no longer as complex as it once was. Advancements in technology could lead to a point where robots and AI will carry out programming.

Mobile Device Advancement

The mobile device of today is now a working computer. With your smartphone, there are numerous applications available online to help with nearly every daily task. Instead of using your computer to carry out some functions, you can use your smartphone.

Technologies and Trends That Could Make Computer Programming Obsolete

Computer programming is a critical skill for a lot of tech jobs. However, some technologies and trends demonstrate aggressive growth that may lead to computer programming becoming obsolete. Below are the three most likely technologies that are threatening computer programmers’ jobs.

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations are looking for easier and faster ways to make various data-driven decisions. This has caused an increased demand for aggressive growth in tech AI technologies. The idea behind AI technologies is to enable systems to act by themselves without repeated programming or coding.


Ironically, it appears computer programmers are making themselves obsolete by building automation patterns and tools. With more and more machines able to write code, there may be no need for human programmers in the future. Although automation systems are not at their full-scale performance, they are gaining ground with more demand from organizations.

Machine Learning

With machine learning, programmers no longer need to encode instructions. Instead, they are trained. For example, to teach a neural network how to recognize a cat, programmers have to show it thousands of cat photos. Eventually, it will recognize a cat as soon as it sees one. If neural networks are taught how to program, they could carry it out independently.

When Will Computer Programming Become Obsolete?

As mentioned above, it is improbable that computer programming will become obsolete soon. Computer programming skills may begin to become obsolete due to increased automation, but computer programmers will always be vital at tech companies. Computer programmers help to automate complex tasks and troubleshoot source code, so they will not be wiped out entirely.

What This Means for Businesses

Tech businesses in the US will be affected by this decline one way or the other. As expected, computer programmers in the United States will be the most affected by the decline of programming jobs. Below are possible impacts of a reduction in computer programming jobs in the United States.

Job Loss

Tech businesses majorly into computer programming in the United States may lose their jobs to their foreign counterparts. This might spike demand in the tech sector for qualified specialists.

Low Wages

Companies will underprice the computer programming-based businesses. Since their foreign counterparts will readily do the jobs for lower prices, computer programmers in the US may have to accept lower wages to get jobs.

Extra Revenue

Somehow companies that require the services of computer programmers in the United States will pay less for more. In other words, these companies will make extra revenue considering that they hire computer programmers outside the country for lower pay.

Computer Programming Job Outlook

Based on the job outlook on BLS, the projected job outlook for computer programmers from 2020 to 2030 is -10 percent. Although there would be a decline in the employment of computer programmers, 9,700 openings are expected yearly over a decade. The anticipated openings for computer programmers will be from employees who retired, changed to other jobs, or exited the workforce.

In 2020, the total number of jobs for computer programmers was 185,700. However, in 2030, computer programmers will have fewer jobs, as it’s estimated at 167,300 annually.

How Much Money Will Computer Programmers Earn in the Future?

According to Glassdoor, a computer programmer’s average salary is $74,013. However, for some states, like California, that have a high demand for computer programmers, their average salary could be more. Whether or not computer programmers’ earnings will increase or reduce remains unknown. But with BLS estimating a job decline of 10 percent, computer programmers may earn less in the future.

What Are the Best States for Computer Programming Jobs?

In May 2020, BLS occupational and wages statistics showed that California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania were the states with the highest employment rates for computer programmers within the United States. California had the highest employment rate, with 21,800 computer programmers employed in 2020.

How to Avoid Becoming Obsolete: The Key to Future-Proofing Your Career as a Computer Programmer

Undoubtedly, becoming obsolete is the fear of most people working in tech and other related industries. For instance, who would have expected cars to drive themselves? Technology is evolving rapidly and gradually shifting towards AI. To remain relevant as a computer programmer, consider the tips down below.

Perform a Career Check-up

You need to do a periodic checkup of your current job’s future outlook. This will help you know your current profession’s skill gaps and other threats. BLS, Statista, and other sites that have career information updates are great places to check how you’re performing compared to other professionals in your field and area.

Update Technology Skills

You need to keep updating your skills and learning new ones. Don’t be docile about learning a new skill, or else you will become irrelevant quickly. For instance, you can learn artificial intelligence programming from reputable bootcamps or learn other skills that may replace computer programming.

Stay Abreast with the News

Since you are into IT, you need to consistently keep tabs on what’s happening in the tech and software industry. Tech news informs you of the current trends and new technologies that may launch soon. You can subscribe to reputable tech online news channels for constant updates.

Does Computer Programming Have a Future?

Although it seems computer programming has no future, it is not as bleak as perceived. Instead of becoming obsolete, computer programmers will become AI programmers. AI programming is getting better every day. For instance, programmers no longer write code by hand anymore. Instead, they employ a vast range of intelligent tools to automate the efforts.

In other words, if you want to go into computer programming, it is still a promising venture. It will aid your switching into AI programming seamlessly. Although not impossible, a future where AI will make correct decisions like the human brain is still far.

Will Computer Programming Become Obsolete?

Is computer programming going to fade off soon?

No, computer programming will not fade off so quickly. Even though there may be a decline in computer programming jobs in the foreseeable future, it remains relevant. As a computer programmer, learn high-demand analytical skills and actual machine code to ensure your relevance.

What careers can AI replace?

Artificial intelligence will replace jobs that don’t require human empathy, creativity, emotions, and coordination. Jobs that require accuracy and precision like accounting, customer service, data entry, bookkeeping, will be replaced by AI. Using AI to perform these jobs has proven cheaper and more accurate.

Is computer programming a good career path?

Computer programming is a good career path. It often offers remote work that comes with a good work/life balance. The average salary of a computer programmer is impressive. As a computer programmer, your average annual salary can be as much as $74,013, according to Glassdoor.

What other tech skills can I learn in place of computer programming?

You can switch to other tech skills like advanced programming languages, contemporary software engineering, or scripting languages. Meanwhile, additional technical skills are available to secure impressive job growth like robotics engineering, cyber security, and cloud computing.

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