BeachCoders Academy Review and Complete Guide

It’s daunting to look for the best coding school to learn front end web development or UX design. Plenty of coding bootcamp reviews online could mislead you. This BeachCoders review will cover everything you need to know to start your tech career.

Read on to gain insight into BeachCoders Academy tuition, courses, and job placement.

What Do You Need to Know about BeachCoders?

BeachCoders Academy is a California coding school that provides front end web development and UX design courses. The programs help students of all levels start their careers in tech.

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The school has multiple partnerships that offer coding apprenticeships and potential job opportunities. It also follows up after you graduate to help you get a job.

Locations Los Angeles, Online
Tuition $2,477
Financing Options Weekly Installments, Private Loans, Upfront Payment
Start Dates March 1, April 5, May 3, June 1, July 5, August 2, September 6, October 4, November 1, December 6
Program Types Online, Full-time, Part-time, Self-paced
Courses Front End Web Development, User Experience (UX) Design, Full Stack Web Development, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Blockchain

Where Are BeachCoders’ Campuses Located?

BeachCoders main campus is in Manhattan Beach, California, which is near Los Angeles. You can also take its courses online.

How Much Is Tuition at BeachCoders?

The courses at BeachCoders only cost $2,477 each.

How Can You Pay BeachCoders Tuition?

There are a few different financing options when it comes to paying for BeachCoders. It’s already a cost-effective bootcamp that can help you save money in the long run. You can become a front end web developer or a UX designer for much cheaper than a university or other bootcamps.

Upfront Payment

BeachCoders lets you pay tuition in full before classes start. The biggest advantage of paying in advance is you will secure your spot at BeachCoders. You also won’t have to worry about tuition gain when you only make one payment.

Loan Financing

BeachCoders partners with Meritize to provide flexible loans to help you cover tuition. The Meritize loan will help you get credit easily and start learning. You can increase your loan limit by providing your academic history, work experience, or military background.


If you can’t afford to pay upfront, BeachCoders lets you pay in weekly installments. With this payment plan, you can pay for four weeks until you reach the full amount.

Can You Use the GI Bill at BeachCoders?

BeachCoders does not say it accepts the GI Bill, but you can inquire with its financial team.

What Courses Does BeachCoders Offer?

BeachCoders offer certificate courses for UX designers, web developers, and data analysts. Its courses are available in three different formats: in-person in groups, in-person one-on-one, or live online one-on-one. Each course lasts four to 12 weeks.

Below are the courses that BeachCoders offers.

CODEWAVE: Front End Web Development – Online | In-Person

This beginner web development course will teach you how to code. You will learn how to create functional websites with different coding languages. This hands-on approach will leave you with a strong portfolio once the class ends.

BeachCoders will cover an introduction to HTML and JavaScript. You will also learn how to use CSS, different programming skills, and jQuery. As the course goes on, the topics become more advanced, and you’ll be an expert.

ULTIMATE UX: User Experience Design – Online | In-Person

This course will help you learn how to design appealing and functional websites. This is a great class to learn best practices used by UX professionals today. You’ll learn both theoretical and practical elements of UX design.

The introductory section includes UX research, site maps, and wireframes. You’ll then learn product design, cover content strategy, and responsive design. At the end of the course, you’ll learn prototyping and be able to develop your own projects for your portfolio. This is a great option if you want to become a UX designer.

CODEWAVE.DS: Data Structures, Algorithms, Blockchain – Online | In-Person

This immersive program can teach you about data structures, blockchain development, and algorithm development. The course will give expert web developers a more in-depth understanding of data analysis. You’ll expand your knowledge about JavaScript, Node, and front end frameworks.

When you complete your capstone project at the end of this course, BeachCoders can give you a certificate. You’ll build a full stack application that you can use for your portfolio. You can work alone or in pairs, which gives you a great opportunity to network.

CODEWAVE.JS: Full Stack Web Development – Online | In-Person

This full stack web development coding program is recommended for expert web developers. The course will help you take your coding skills to the next level. You will be able to develop modern web applications and portals once you graduate.

You’ll learn different Javascript frameworks in a collaborative classroom environment. You will have the opportunity to build on your portfolio as you learn. The modules include advanced JavaScript, front end frameworks and databases, and building a Node app.

How to Get Accepted Into BeachCoders

BeachCoders is an exceptional bootcamp, and you can get in without too much fuss. For its beginner courses, you don’t have to have any previous skills. You don’t have to take any prep courses. You can start with the beginner track and specialize later on.

BeachCodersAcceptance Rate

BeachCoders has not publicly shared its acceptance rate.

BeachCoders Application Process

BeachCoders has a straightforward application process. If you want to enroll in a BeachCoders course, follow the steps below.

  1. Select your preferred course from the four available courses.
  2. Fill in the form and select the best date for you to start your program.
  3. Activate your enrollment by paying the tuition fee and securing your spot.

BeachCoders Interview Questions

BeachCoders does not require a coding bootcamp interview. The courses can help beginners and experts develop their skills without barriers.

How Can You Prepare for BeachCoders?

Unlike most bootcamps, BeachCoders do not provide any bootcamp prep courses. However, you can prepare for any of the courses by familiarizing yourself with the topic at hand. There is plenty of online material available. You can watch YouTube tutorials, read a book, or attend a webinar. There are also many online bootcamps where you can learn to code for free.

Is BeachCoders Worth It?

BeachCoders is worth it. The bootcamp provides a solid alternative to university programs or a more expensive bootcamp. It’s perfect for prospective front end web developers and UX designers who don’t want to spend too much money.

BeachCoders also has a career-oriented curriculum. It will help you prepare for a tech job and offer you networking opportunities. After your course, you’ll have access to BeachCoders’ partners, who often hire graduates.

The school also provides flexible learning programs. You do not have to quit your job to advance your programming skills. You can take its courses in four, eight, or 12 weeks. You can easily juggle study and work when you enroll at BeachCoders bootcamps.

BeachCoders Job Placement

BeachCoders Academy teaches you in-demand skills, which can help you get a job in the field. BeachCoders alumni work at big companies such as NBC Universal, NASA, Boeing, Legal Zoom, and SpaceX.

Does BeachCoders Offer a Job Guarantee?

No, BeachCoders does not provide a job guarantee. However, the school offers extensive career resources.

It also partners with companies such as Triplebyte, Coalition Technologies, SEEN by Indeed, CodeForCash, TEKsystems, and AP Logic.

The partnerships can help you find job opportunities that are fulfilling and reliable.

Should You Apply to BeachCoders Academy?

Yes, you should apply to BeachCoders Academy in 2021. The school features a competitive curriculum, expert instructors, hiring partners, and tuition options. It can help you get the best jobs in tech.

All the BeachCoders courses provide you with a certificate upon completion. According to its official website, an average certified web developer earns $95,587 per year, and a UX designer earns $73,868 per year. The salary fluctuates, but these numbers are a great starting point to a lucrative job.

Unlike higher learning institutions that keep the same curriculum for years, BeachCoders stays up to date. It keeps up with current market needs and trends to inform its curriculum. This bootcamp is the best way to prepare for the tech industry.

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